Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Can't Get to Sleep Tonight

I can't get to sleep tonight,
I hear a man's shout,
I hear a woman's scream.
In the midst of all that
I hear a baby's cry
And a dog's yelp,
And I am thinking,
I am wondering
Is something or someone
Going to die tonight?
I can't get to sleep tonight,
I can't explain why,
I can't reason it without a sigh.
The policemen are on a shooting spree,
The business dealers are pilfering and plundering,
The angry people are lashing out
On the innocent and the weaklings.
I can't get to sleep tonight,
I wonder why I can't.
When I hear the whales crying in the ocean,
When I hear the bleeding of the tress,
How can I close my eyes
And wish it all away
To let me get a good night's sleep?
How can I not shed my tears?
When all the human species wants
Is greed and greed and greed?

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