Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One day at a meeting...

I attended a meeting on Sunday with a group of the most innovative, passionate, artistic, creative, imaginative and loving people I have ever known. The group was made up of artists, singer-songwriters, performers, activists, lawyers, writers, teachers, filmmakers and a whole lot of people from all levels and duties. One would think that probably this group would most likely be drawn together by religion or the concept of God or by a political scheme but it's not.

Everyone in that room had an agenda to set things right. To make things easier for others. To come together to share an idea of change and progress. To simply, celebrate life. When I looked around and listened to what some of them has to share, how some of them raise issues up for discussion and how some lighten the entire meeting with witty remarks, I couldn't help myself but imagine the power of this undefined gathering of people.

It makes me want to stand up and cheer when I realize these are the people who move the world with their unseen contribution, no matter how large or small. They are the ones who reach out to a person in need of assistance whether it is legal or emotional. They are the ones who add spice and festivity to this mundane world of agonizing status devoured by politics and economy. These are the people who believe in the joyous moments of life than questioning its form or make.

The amount of energy gathered on that day was incredible. I felt like we could move mountains. We could take on the world if we wanted to. Maybe I'm a dreamer but recalling the great minds and hearts who have come together I could actually imagine a world with no countries, no gods, no hell and only the sky above.

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