Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sex, Money, Scandal - The Pandemic Frolic

Of all the characters Jo Kukathas played, I love Ribena Berry the best. She is hilarious to the hilt. Maybe Jo was a chameleon in her past life to be able to take on so many roles at the snap of a finger. She can be a comic, a drama queen, a political figure and she is in fact her entire cast of schizophrenic selves. It is just a charm to see her in all the different shoes, literally.

Edwin Sumun brings in the musical angle of the play with his boyish and mischievous actions in between scenes. And of course, Shelah made a cameo appearance that was only too brief.

The play was quite heavily laden with political and breaking news references and jokes. Some of us, who are not very news savvy got some but didn't get all of them. But I guess if you do, you would have a laughing fit like the guy who sat somewhere behind me guffawing in solitaire while we were still trying to figure out what it was all about.

I would have liked to see a grander finale, I don't know, maybe I have seen too many shows and movies to expect that all the time. Something that reaches the pinnacle of hilarity or inspiration that will burst into a ball of fiery pandemonium that will make us go insane or stampede out of the auditorium. Wait a minute, maybe I'm talking about a horror movie or musical play ... but anyway, it was one night well spent even with the really uncomfortable chairs, the long hot wait and the kiasu search for a good seat without the 'reserved' signs plastered on them.

I am sooo looking forward to Edwin, Shelah, Jo and Ribena Berry to reappear again some time soon because I won't stop believing.

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