Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where has all the love gone?

I was at the park yesterday evening and I saw a maid playing badminton with a girl who was about six or seven. The little girl couldn't hit a straight shuttle but the maid's patience and encouragement kept her going for a while. When the little girl got tired of the game they went to the swing and the maid carried the little one up on her lap and they swung delightfully.

There were also two other maids who took the dogs for their evening walk. One was walking a brown mongrel while the other was walking a small three-legged dog. There was a third maid who met up with them to chat while she held a very tall boy who was mentally unstable in her arms. There were other maids who came out to get the children from their buses and vans who just came back from school as well.

When I was younger I always had my dad fetching me to school before I started taking the school bus. And mom was always home no matter what time of the day when we came back home. Evenings were usually with friends, if not neighbors, and the whole routine from wake to sleep was watched over by my mom and everything was prepared by her.

Dad used to fetch all four of us on his motorbike (can't remember which model) at night just for rides around the neighborhood. Our treat those days was a movie in the reserved seats, or a magnolia ice cream from the supplier or a box of chocolates.

As I watch the kids these days coming back to an empty home, eating alone at fast food joints, being taken care of by maids, spending more and more time attached to the internet and games, it makes me wonder where all the love has gone.

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