Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And I shall start a Commune

It's a place where we grow our own food. Where our staple diet are fruits and vegetables, perhaps fish and eggs at times. But we don't eat meat. We all share a great aptitude for creativity in everything we do besides being imaginative and innovative.

We are not materialistic because there is nothing that we need to make us happy. We make our own clothes, we cook our own food and we share them like family. We harness our own energy from the sun and the wind and the water.

Although we have no need for a vast majority of electronic and electrical products, we will still use technology to our advantage. Our days will be filled with new creations of literature, art, music, crafts, meditation and inventions that will benefit everyone else.

We will take in stray animals discarded by people who have no sense of responsibility. Compassion and passion are the two words we live by.

We are open to retreats for the broken and displaced.

There is a pond in which ducks and fishes live among other birds, amphibians and creatures. There are trees everywhere we look. Our homes are small and filled only with necessary comfort and are not cluttered with the past.

Every night we come together for storytelling sessions in conversations or movies, in stargazing or music appreciation .

Our mission in life is to make life worth living. To fill every little moment with joy and transcend to the next level of understanding of who we are and what we do.

We are about progress. We don't keep to ourselves and exclude the world. We go about to educate everyone who receives us. We have no need of dispensable habits created by mankind. It is a place of rest. A place of growth.

We are not about hiding from the rest of the world. We are not about having tight security. We are not the chosen ones. We are not going back in time. We are a community of like-minded people who wants to life a simple but fruitful life doing what we do best.

But most of all we are family because we choose to be.

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