Friday, June 11, 2010

Archie's here, Betty's here, Veronica too ... and Kevin?

The Archie Comics makes a mark by introducing an openly gay character in the upcoming September issue. I would never in a million years expect this family-oriented, children-friendly, goody-two-shoes series to be so bold and embracing of anything out of the hetero-normative domain.

The world is becoming more aware of the egoistical and deviant teachings of authoritarians who lay out laws and governance for their own benefit. This power to rule has no place in a more accepting and inclusive society these days.

But even now, there are still parents who cut off ties with their gay or transsexual children, literally throw them out of their homes and up to a point murdering them. As unthinkable as this may seem people are not blind to the fact that the lgbt community have been around for a long time. Education is in fact bringing more families together but religion and politics are still trying to divide them.

While the rest of the world is advancing towards a world without violence and acceptance, I wonder how long more this country will hold back its policies on discrimination, racism and hate. And the truth is, we all know it's a sinking ship.

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