Sunday, June 13, 2010

Extreme Unction: Extreme: beyond the norm; Unction: excessive but superficial compliments

I was at a funeral yesterday and the final prayers were held in a Church. Although parts of the scared place of worship were beautiful, most of it was truly ironic and contradictory. The first thing that struck me was the dress code regulations that were conveniently placed at every corner of the vicinity. There were no slippers or flip-flops allowed, cargo pants or shorts, tank tops or tubes, spaghetti straps or halter tops and sleeveless t-shirts or singlets. What happened to the idea of a gentle and loving God who accepts everyone who judges not the clothes they wear? Another thing that hit me right between the eyes was the garish and ostentatious stain glass designs that were splashed everywhere around. And finally it was the priest himself who used phrases and words like - that lifeless body, the dead and a sermon about how great God is rather than being compassionate and understanding to the family's grieve. When he reemphasized on the Greatness of God again, I could envision the Muslims cry out allahu akbar in return.

What happened to consoling words like 'your dearly departed' or 'your loved one who is at peace with God'. Probably by having the dress code regulation the Church has already lost most of its younger congregation and with a priest who is insensitive another half would switch denominations. I wonder if they keep stones under the altar for

I still don't like funerals and weddings which I feel are pretentious and unnecessary. They're just an extension of joy and sorrow which need not to be publicized and performed in the midst of friends and neighbors.

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