Friday, June 18, 2010

People just don't learn

This morning I felt a little upset and irritated about something but I didn't know what. Since it was a nice day to walk out to get some breakfast I went with a friend to SS2. On the way back I saw the onslaught of workers trimming off tree branches everywhere. If trees could scream we would hear their death throes this morning. I find it hard to accept the fact that these old trees have been around for so long and are always the first to go to pave way for humans and their possessions.

A whole street of antiqued looking trees have been cut down on SS2/72 to make way for the SSTwo Mall. And to beautify the street again they planted ornamental looking trees instead.

The journey there and back also got me to observe miserable looking animals in a pet shop (which should be banned), stray dogs surviving the street and human cruelty, irresponsible drivers who have no respect for pedestrians and I ask myself - do people really need saving?

An old magnificent tree may be hazardous to passers by, cars and whatever takes shelter underneath it but does it really matter?

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