Friday, June 4, 2010

Strays, strays everywhere ... what am I to do?

Last night my friend and I were on the way back when we saw a huge dark shadow in front of us emerging from a corner of some garbage in SS2. It really looked like the Hound of Baskerville or a werewolf which was all ready for a kill. Since it was coming towards our direction and we were going to its our path finally crossed and we could see that it was an old limping German Shepherd with ratty hair. It looked at us as we passed and we realized it was an abandoned stray that some f***ing idiot must have left behind. It was friendly but at the same time frightful to see in the semi lighted street. It knew we were saddened by its state but we didn't know what to do. How do you rescue an animal?

I tried emailing to some animal rescue organizations and am awaiting some hope or reply. Before encountering the German Shepherd we saw another adorable dog outside Old Taste Kopitiam, lying there as though it was home. Again, it breaks my heart to see all these strays being discarded for the sole purpose of irresponsibility. You don't and you never throw away the things that you love.

I am thinking and praying from the universe that someday I will get a farm large enough to home all the stray animals but it will not solve the same old problem of unwanted pets. So the first thing a government or country must do is to eradicate the problem. Close down all pet shops and pet traders. Pets should not be bought or sold but adopted.

If every stray is adopted in the world there will be no more unwanted pets. Perhaps then, human beings can appreciate the wonderful company of an animal because they are invaluable and not be evaluated by a price tag.


Chet said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while. It was heart breaking to read about those two dogs. Wish there's something I can do.

Julya said...

Your offer is already a starting point - thanks Chet.

Chet said...

I think if we can get a few more people in, we can start a group focused on rounding up the strays. This will be an alternative to the Dewan Bandaraya or MPPJ sending out vans to get the strays to put in pounds where they languish and are badly treated.

Did you read about a particular neighbourhood in Shah Alam where the councillor was offering rewards to his team for bringing in "strays". Because of the rewards, the team members were rounding up even licensed dogs, and many dog owners were missing their pets. And when they eventually found their pets, they were horrified to find them in bad condition. And I think they also had a hard time get their pets back.

Julya said...

That would be good if we can get like-minded people to help with the strays. Yes, I heard about the Shah Alam case.

One of the things I thought I could also do is to educate children about strays, pets and animals in general so that the new generation will not repeat the same mistake.