Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Your Sake

For your sake,
animals are tested, skinned and cooked
for you to feel good,
for you to have food,
for you to look beautiful,
for you to feel comfortable.

For your sake,
someone worked his hands to the bones,
for your lovely luxurious home,
for your territorial zone,
for your breakfast on the table,
for your accessories and apparels.

What have you done besides
bitch and fuck around?
What have you done except
sulk and frown?
About things you haven't got,
about things you deserve,
about blessings from your god,
about always being first.

For your sake,
others have to suffer,
because you are the master,
because you are the leader,
because you the commander,
because there's no one else better.

For your sake,
earth cries for you,
nature weeps,
and all this ... for your sake,
for your sake.

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