Monday, July 12, 2010

So Soon

So soon I was dreaming during classes,
not really making the grades and advances.
So soon it was all over
and school is now just an old reminder,
of who I was
and what I've been through
with teachers I loathed
and teachers I admired.

So soon I was on the dentists's chair
I begged for mercy and my life to spare,
So soon it was all over
and my teeth are all prim and proper.
But now it's time to return
to that clinical atmosphere
which I have come to fear
and ask why technology hasn't progressed here?

So soon I had doubts of growing up
wondering what I could do to fit in with the crowd,
So soon it was all over
and now I'm so glad to be the writer
I've always wanted to be.
To make words dance with glee.
Getting books out to everyone,
making movies while having fun.

So soon I was trying to be like everyone else
then I realized I didn't want to be.
So soon it was all over
and I chose to be who I am for good and better.
I managed to escape life's misadventures
and walk the path I set out for myself.
Now that I am older
I am in love with everything pure of heart and nature.

So soon I began my life in chaos
searching for the truth and answers.
So soon it was all over
when I found my soul beneath the traces
of love and compassion
when I heard my true confession
that lead me to this day
with clarity all the way.

So soon I was born to my parent's delight
in their arms I nestled with joy and pride.
So soon it was all over
now they are in my arms altogether.
So soon I am older and perhaps wiser
through years of missteps and blunder.
So soon I will be all over
and I ask myself if I have done what I set out to adventure?

And a happy birthday to me...

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