Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things I learned about Penang

I had the opportunity to visit Penang for two weekends and both for very different reasons. Some of the things that struck me were these:

1. It sure has a lot of U-turns
- I thought it would make getting to a place a little more inconvenient but it wasn't. But I can't say that for KL.

2. Trees are everywhere and they make such magnificent canopies
- I'm now wondering if Penangnites are nature lovers or tree huggers

3. People are generally born/bred with a very Hokkien humor
- You've got to know Hokkien to know the wit that comes with the puns, sing song rap and lilt in their everyday conversation

4. Food is everywhere and most of them are good
-  It's actually hell for those on a diet.

5. If I'm not mistaken drivers seem to have more patience
- I didn't hear people honking to get the traffic moving

6. The Botanical Gardens in Penang is simply glorious but I can't say I felt the same with the KL Lake Gardens or FRIM...

7. Isn't it quite obvious Penang is under a political siege by the authorities to expose the immoral side lately?

8. At the Lam Wah Ee hospital everything is so convenient, people are so efficient and the vicinity is simply beautiful. I can't remember if there is another hospital with easy access to parking, quick registration and the doctor's appointment that is kept on time.
- I couldn't believe it when I saw everyone in the cafeteria clearing their own dishes after their meal. I know Ikea and other fast food joints tried the same system but failed miserably.

9. It can be as hot as hell but heavy rain can come down just the same.

10. And I love the funny sounding names of places and ideas that seem to be a Penang identity. Who would have thought of places call Nasi Kandar Beratur or Line Clear Nasi Kandar or there's this place where you don't order food from the menu but eat what they serve on that day. How nifty is that?

Perhaps this is just a bias opinion that cannot approximate the general view of what Penang is really like. But my weekends there were nothing short of my expectations.

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