Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More things I learned about Penang

This trip, I saw the other side of Penang which most Penangnites see and it wasn't very pleasant. But then again...

1. Motorists & bikers here love to honk every chance they get
2. Crossing a road can be hazardous to one's health or lives can be shorten by a few years
3. The Mat Rempits are bolder and brasher
4. When there is a traffic jam, everything's toast
5. Bikers love weaving in and out unexpectedly like how cats dash across the road since they have 9 lives
6. You need to drive 3 times the length to get to a destination which is one short drive away
7. The Hungry Ghost Festival can pop up just about anywhere. The strangest being the one in the wet market.

...food is still good, some parts of the beach is still nice and Freda Dragonstar is still one of the best entertainers in town if you know where to look for her.

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