Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you responsible or are you irresponsible?

Yesterday I walked past a pet shop and saw the cutest of puppies and kittens for sale behind glass compartments. I said to my friend how could anyone not like animals is beyond me. And the saddest thing about a pet shop is the abhorring idea of breeding and selling of animals for people to have company to fill up their lonely nights? As playthings for their kids? As a gift for someone's birthday or anniversary? I still find trading animals for pets or entertainment is like buying and selling of babies. How does the human heart beat?

I once heard someone saying that she loved animals and that's the reason she buys them to keep as pets. Doesn't that kind of love extend to the strays that are discarded in the streets and back lanes? Doesn't love shelter homeless cats and dogs as well? Doesn't love embrace all that is rejected rather than reserved for all that is deserving?

And here I am reading the news about how the government is swindling the indigenous people of their lands for a mere token sum of money ( and what Vatican City knew all along ( and the man who sold reptiles for a living (

The intelligence of the human species is remarkable and amazing to the point of being admirable but look at how it is being manipulated for a short term gain. How responsible are we as a part and a whole of society? How irresponsible are we for ignoring things which we deem unpleasant?

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