Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shh...Diam which means Shut Up!

Last night I had the most memorable and exciting night watching a fairly new band call Shh...Diam! made up of Farah - Vocals/Lead Guitar, Yon - Second Guitar, Diyana - Bass, Jellene - Drums. This, all girl, rock-pop band is one of the most outstanding of Malaysian singers I have seen to date. The whole Annexe, where they performed last night, almost come down when their songs got under our skins.

There are two of their sample songs in their facebook account but they are nothing compared to their live performance which is mind blowing. Them girls can really rock! If you ever get a chance see them live! I hope this band goes a long way and shut everyone up from their measly boring lives!

* photo taken from their facebook profile (!/pages/ShhDiam/110087765681320)

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