Thursday, September 9, 2010

Would you rather gather up your fortune or live a brief life-changing moment?

I was talking to a friend the other day about people who are not considered to be the 'pure Malaysian breed' getting shipped out of the country at some point in time in the future. This great exodus in the what-if-scenario would have an impact only futurists, scientists, philosophers and sages could guess. I for one believe that earth is not a place to be staked and claimed. No where on earth should a human being embrace and hold on to take ownership. Of course that being said greedmongers would take the opportunity to plunder every chance they can like in this link where the Penans are fighting to survive from unscrupulous loggers backed by the government.

Still, the idea of losing one's land and property is such a devastating concept that most people would literally die to protect them. I wouldn't dare ask anyone what they think of getting thrown out of a country they have been living in and contributing on its progress for generations. Being the freebird that I want to be I wouldn't mind leaving if it comes to that. But then again, it wouldn't be fair to others who have accumulated wealth and livelihood that have given them comfort and peace of mind.

Unlike most people I haven't gathered much in my life and most things are dispensable. The only real treasures I have are my writings, which now have been stored in the virtual world, and perhaps some great books, again which can be found online somewhere in the world. Of course I love a wonderful home where it is serene and away from the madness of the outside world, but then again I could find that in nature couldn't I? I also wish to enjoy good food that are scrumptious and delectable but then again my main diet are usually vegetables and fruits and they are always fresh and tasty anyhow anywhere I can get them. TV? I'm better off watching the clouds go by, gazing at the stars, zoning out with the crashing waves and stillness of the lake. And as for clothes, I'd rather have comfort than beauty anytime and I'm still waiting to make my own one of these days, if that day would ever come. So what else have I got to root me to the ground? Love, there must be love to hold me back. But unconditional love always sets things free doesn't it?

So I told my friend that I was ready to leave even if a spaceship comes passing by to offer anyone who wants a ride to the galaxies and milky ways. After all, how long is one's life compared to a life-changing moment?

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