Saturday, October 23, 2010

Being Human

Being human
is to be confined in small spaces.
Whether in an area call home
or in a place call office.
We travel from one confinement to another
and call it by many different names.
It could be a shopping mall, a restaurant,
a hospital or a prison.
But they are all the same.
A school, a rest room,
a cinema or a theatre,
they are all some form of trap
to keep us all in.
Why do we do that to ourselves?
Perhaps few do sleep under the night sky
and watch the stars above.
Perhaps few scale the hills and mountains
and sail the seven seas.
But at the end of the day
why do we crawl back into
the holes and cavity,
to sleep, to rest, to find security?
Or is being human all about
hiding in closets,
buidling up fences,
raising up walls
and locking all doors?
If that is all there is to be human
perhaps I shall just turn
into a butterfly and live briefly
but happily.


Ashriel Thee said...

What is life when everyday is the same routine...Do you know. Can you recall your thoughts whilst looking at something or do you walk half unconscious?
I admire your strenght. I admire you for buying a plane ticket, one way, destination baaed on a coin toss. LEave all your books, movies movies, silly computers and get up. No need to reason out pros and cons.
Listen to Tom Morello "the Road I must travel"

Just go.
The journey is what matters.
I want to pick up right now...but I have an emotional debt I need to pay back (I never will).
Working is bullshit when you need an approval.

Ashriel Thee said...

Me too. A butterfly. Forgotten by this maddening world of Time greedy, arrogant (when will they realise a drop in the vast oceans of knowledge?) looking down that the frail butterfly. Oh Life indeed is fair, or rather pans out equally in a funny sort of way.
Me, the pretty butterfly migrating, one flap of my wings and I caused so much damage. It wasn't intentional...stop assuming and come out of you coconut shell...But then again, you don't care, do you? Sigh. Beauty prevails when when you read "If" again.

Julya said...

Be free Ash, be free