Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dream of the Great Goliath

This friend, who doesn't drive anymore in this world, drove me around like a tour guide to a fantastical humungous industrial place where it sounds like Seri Kembangan or Yunus or something weird. He told me it was a Tesco industrial area.

It was dusty and cars sped by like futuristic flying machines but people looked quite the same as they are now.

 One of the structures that took my breath away was a gargantuan weather-beaten gateway that was leaning to a tipping point but was still standing.

Following that was this leviathan building that seemed abandoned and empty sort of like pigeon holes that resembled car parks and the sign said North Korean Laundry.  It felt creepy as though I was here before...

I asked him why he brought me to this monstrous fabrication and he told me his friend wants him to run an educational institution and he brought me in to help. I was excited and thrilled but at the same time feeling displaced. He pointed out to the building where I was going to teach but we couldn't get in yet because the people holding the keys were still asleep.

Our next stop was our new home where an indigenous looking man and his mother were going about their daily routine outside the house. This strange abode had to be opened with from a small door at the bottom, unhook the bolts at the side and then the whole structure opened up to a regular looking door.

It had an oriental feel, like some old Chinese decorated house and the first thing we did was to grab our pillows and rest on the wooden platform. He told me that this had been a good day and it was time to lay our heads down and take a break.

And like wow, I woke up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and bewildered.

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