Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Cry for God's people

When I was a kid I was taught to pray for the heathens, gentiles and pagans because they were not living in accordance to God's will. They needed to be saved from damnation, from the devil who had possessed them to worship animals and plants, elements and the unknown. This new God that worshipers brought was full of compassion and love. This God they recommend was forgiving and nurturing. And everything good will come to those who believe.

But, for those who don't the God will wipe out the unbelievers from the surface of the earth. Although he has the patience of a father he also has the wrath of a man who had been wronged. He takes away all that is bad and rewards the good by ten-fold. He punishes the evil and the wicked. He is a God of war when necessary.

As I grew up thinking I was among the chosen one I too did my part to convert everyone I could to save them. But then I got thinking and asking why do you allow the religious to get away with things? And the worshipers told me, 'God will take care of it.' I asked why are some people condemned for who they are? And the worshipers said, 'God condemns the aberrant.' I asked why are we not reaching out more to the people in the street and give them shelter and homes when the holy places are made of polished marble and scented wood? And the worshipers said, 'Those people chose to live that way and not everyone is worthy enough to be in God's presence.' I asked them why do we not love the trees and animals more? And the worshipers said, 'The have no soul.' I asked why do we come together to pray but stand away from the unfortunate ones who get bullied by authorities and self-proclaimed powers? And the worshipers said, 'God will punish those people only in the afterlife.'

And I walked away crying, crying for God's people.


bhavesh lokhande said...

excellent dear!
we must challenge to an age-old thoughts and we must come out with principles which are relevant to the current time.

Julya said...

I hear ye hear ye :P