Friday, October 29, 2010

Ops Bilang - Let's Talk

This is one of the most brilliant forum-performances I have ever been to. There is definitely something for everyone; like Mei Chern singing a heart warming song about death penalty or Fahmi Reza educating us about hak pelajar or Pang giving us a paronomasia step by step guide to sodomy.

I like especially Amir Muhammad's personification of blood types as he juxtaposes them to the different levels of society with a tinge of humor and vivid imagery. Fahmi Reza's slide show on student power is simply inspiring and it makes me want to go back to school to pick up a placard while trying to make my grades. Jerome's poem on federalism is just as beautiful as it is potent. I like also Yati's short skit, which was taken to a heighten level by Ayam, about civil versus syariah law on the proper burial for a muslim convert. Vernon Adrian Emuang talked about his origin and the connectivity to the indigenous community on a musical journey of aesthetic monologue. Like a straight-faced Andy Kauffman, Pang delivered his sodomy guide to an uproarious crowd who just can't get over the fact that he can be as corny as he is a-maze-ing :P And finally, closing the night of fantastic and splendid performances was Jo Kukathas's omnipresent voice interweaving several issues about rape into one solid performance of an installation of a schoolbag and a chair.

What a wonderful night to provoke electrical charges in our heads as we ended it with our usual feast to gyrate our stomachs.

Ops Bilang is held in conjunction with CIJ's launch of the e-forum which can be found at the link below.


Eggy said...

Thanks, Julya. I loved it, too!

Continue bilanging, ya?

- siew eng

Julya said...

You're welcome, and bilang bilang lagi.