Saturday, October 23, 2010

You are nothing but bullies

I remember how you treated me
like I was of no values and principles,
like I was unworthy of your presence.
I don't want to remember that but I can't help myself
knowing that there are people like you out there
who think nothing of everyone else except yourself.
Repeating your bullying tactics on someone else.
I know you are good at what you do
but you are not great,
you don't move the world with you attitude
you just move people away from you.
All I did was to sit there listening to you
and you betrayed my trust by casting me away
like I was of no consequence.
I wouldn't have bothered if it hadn't hurt.
I am trying to move on
and move apart from people like you
but you come back with your impossible gaze
and your relentless pride.
I know you are being devoured by your own guilt,
by your own ego
but what can I do?
You prefer to keep that as your friend, as your family.
You can hide from yourself in a mask
but everyone knows you are a disgust
in the manner that you think,
in the way that you speak,
in everything that you are.
Just because you have the means
to push and pull everyone around
it doesn't mean you will
be respected and honored.
Not in this life, not in the next.
You are nothing but a coward
because you are a big bully
who has demons residing in your wretched body.
Whatever you have sent out to the universe
will come back to you twice as much.
How many times must I remind you?
Your version of hell is of the worst kind
and you know it.
So don't give me that look!
You know who you are.

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