Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why do people get so angry when we tell them the truth?

Why do people get so angry when we tell them the truth?
That they are not as good as they they they are,
That they are not a good leader,
That they are talking too much to be heard,
That they are wasting a lot of time setting up meetings which lasts for hours
That is quickly forgotten about why they meet in the first place,
That their religion brings more suffering than love,
That they are not ready to get married,
That they are not ready to have children,
That they are not ready to start a family,
That their parenting skills need more attention,
That they would be better off if they quit their bad habits,
That things can get better if they want it to,
That people who do not fall into a 'normal' society are still people,
That accepting these people can do no harm,
That being a vegetarian could be a good thing,
That buying a pet only encourages people to trade them like commodities,
That keeping a pet is forever,
That a pet finally becomes part of the family,
That having a domestic helper doesn't mean she could be bullied,
That accumulating things will not make the environment any better,
That someday, whatever they do now, they will have to pay back in more ways than one.


Eric Alder said...

Because sometimes the truth hurts.

Lots of people SAY they want to hear the truth, when in fact they usually don't - they just want you to say what THEY want to hear.

(Because that would make them right!)

Julya said...

True true Eric ... checked your site, love your poems :P

Eric Alder said...

Thanks, Julya! Always nice to hear. Your blog is interesting with its variety.