Friday, December 31, 2010

Countdown to 2011 - day one, the last day of 2010

This year:
I lost a very dear friend, Joe,
sold my series of paintings 'Euphony',
met old schoolmates after 30 years,
gone total vegetarian,
wrote 13 episodes for a TV animation series for the 1st time,made a lot of zines,
wrote lots of proposals,
rekindled old friendships,
ignited some new ones,
wrote more articles,
was interviewed for various issues,
I almost gave up on humanity,
I regained hope from 'angels',
I cry for the animals,
I wish I could have done more...

Next year,
please be kind to the animals,
please say a little less hurtful words,
please open your hearts and minds,
be kind, be kind.
please don't be judgmental,
please don't find faults,
please don't condemn in the name of the divine,
when all you can be is to be truly kind,
please be good to yourself,
please share your love with others,
please wake up and stop being blind,
just remember we are all one and the same kind.


Jellene said...

Giving up on humanity seem inevitable

Julya said...

One of those things :P