Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new year Discoveries

This year I began by watching a lot of old movies and digging up old songs due to the monumental disappointments on recent ones. I re-watched Looker, Westworld, From Beyond and watched Child's Play for the first time and it was awesome! The 1939 version of The Women was way ahead of its time and I can honestly say humanity somehow regressed almost to the point of idiocy. I also finally listened to Peter Gabriel's Scratch My Back and Sting's Mercury Falling and they are simply remarkable. While Gabriel's slow deep drawl with dramatic orchestral accompaniment remind me of Shakespearean tragedies Sting's easy jazzy soulful music is food for the soul. Anne Murray's duets with friends and legends is another delectable album for a cozy evening. I replayed my old McCartney II and it brought back such wonderful memories especially how I saved up to buy the good old vinyl, my first and last of any McCartney albums. There is also something call the lost McCartney II album which features unreleased songs and remixes of the old. And the search for this album has begun!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life's so full of it 1

In my apartment there live two very distinctive neighbors. One by the name of Harrrp and the other by the name of Ohhwek. Every morning one goes harrrp and the other goes ohhwek!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Dream of Joe

I was digging into the cupboard for a long bar of chocoloate when I saw Joe standing beside me. I ran to give him a hug and asked why he had to go on and die but he just smiled. He lifted me up from the ground while I was still embracing him and he took me for a flight. I asked him more questions about life and death. Although he didn't say a word I already knew the answers to the questions I asked.
"Is death the end?"
"Can you show me more?"
And he actually told me the secret of life as he whispered things to my heart. But when he left I couldn't remeber most of what was revelead. So I quickly jotted them down in my journal and told a friend, but alas it was still in a dream. When I finally woke, these are just a few things I could remember. But like some of my friends who had passed on, he came to say goodbye...