Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Dream of Joe

I was digging into the cupboard for a long bar of chocoloate when I saw Joe standing beside me. I ran to give him a hug and asked why he had to go on and die but he just smiled. He lifted me up from the ground while I was still embracing him and he took me for a flight. I asked him more questions about life and death. Although he didn't say a word I already knew the answers to the questions I asked.
"Is death the end?"
"Can you show me more?"
And he actually told me the secret of life as he whispered things to my heart. But when he left I couldn't remeber most of what was revelead. So I quickly jotted them down in my journal and told a friend, but alas it was still in a dream. When I finally woke, these are just a few things I could remember. But like some of my friends who had passed on, he came to say goodbye...

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