Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The night Amah came back for a visit

Yesterday was a bizarre day for my family during this Chinese New Year pre-celebration.

Last night between 12 to 1 in the morning we, the light sleepers, heard something crashing in the kitchen with the sound of breaking glass. I didn;t want to bother to get up but when I heard my mum cleaning up the mess I thought I'd just help her since I couldn't get to sleep as well.

I found the strangest thing that happen when my mum told me the deity board fell and pushed the joss stick pot over the counter which fell and hit the slow cooker exactly in the spot below. The glass cover was in pieces and my mum was trying to salvage whatever ju hu char (which we so painstakingly prepared earlier). After everything was cleared we went back to sleep but I fell in and out of it until morning and my mind raced with ideas, thoughts and imagination.

In the morning my mum told us she knew why the pot fell and broke the cover which seemed quite unlikely because the wooden board wouldn't have been that heavy to tip the pot over. She said she forgot to invite my late grandma back for the Chinese New Year celebration and so it must have been my grandma who mischievously caused the 'accident' to get the attention. That started my sister telling us she saw someone or a shadow at the corner of her eye in the morning walking out the front door but when she double checked there was no one anywhere around. To make this tale a little more intriguing my other sister reminded us that yesterday, the 1st of February, was my grandmother's death anniversary. To conclude this tale of the unknown my grandmother's presence did cross my mind when I was tossing and turning the whole night because I am actually occupying her room.

Now, how's that for a supernatural tale for the Chinese New Year. Isn't this exciting?

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