Saturday, February 12, 2011

Staging of 'Breakfast with the Dogs'

This Cannot, That Cannot


This Cannot, That Cannot directed by David Lim consists of short plays by Kakiseni’s Kakiscript winners and the highlight of the show is a short play by Malik Imtiaz Sarwar.
They keep saying that Malaysian politics will change. They’ve been saying it in 2008, they’ve been saying it in 2004, in 1997 and even in 196… *ahem*. Well, guess what? Malaysian politics might change but Malaysia just gets more and more familiar each year. Says who? The rakyat, of course! Before the swine flu, there was bird flu (and of course before that was another swine flu). They say we are one Malaysia when it’s more like SOME Malaysia indeed. This cannot, that cannot.  And of course, only Uncle David knows best. Or so he thinks. After all, we all know that it is really dissatisfied intellectuals that hold all the answers. You know what? This synopsis is probably symptomatic of the systemic sycophancy of elephants. White elephants, of course.
This Cannot, That Cannot will feature the following plays:
Bird Flu: A Love Story by Ho Sui-Jim – a girl meets a man in a chicken suit at a bus stop
Breakfast with the Dogs by Julya Oui – a bunch of uncles are yakking away at a kopitiam session
Ini Tak Boleh Ni by Rosheen Fatima – a lady and her son at a bust stop being “caught” by the moral police
A Question of Race by Sandra Rajoo – an exasperated parent tries in vain to fill up a registration form for his teenage daughter
Two Chairs (and a Third for Support) by Malik Imtiaz Sarwar – 2 high school students, one idealistic, one pragmatic, discuss the state of the nation.
Date: 2 – 6 March 2011
Venue: Pentas 2, klpac
Tickets: Entrance by min. donation of RM20

To purchase tickets, please call or walk-in to klpac (03-4047 9000).

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