Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your Tragic World

What if I take my issues to the highest court of law
and barter for the ingredients to make a pot of coleslaw?
You think anyone would get a stomach ache and die
or would they simply start a band and go forth to multiply?

The sun of the woman's garish muumuu blinds her children
to the fact that they have been as ignorant as the feeding oxen.
Never disturb the moon in the man's baggy pants
lest you want to know what it's like to hear his never ending rant.

If you are young with recklessness and idle simplemindedness
you can join the political warfare for the battle of the wits.
But let your conscience roll away to the rocky sided eagerness
when you throw up with your silly laughter, fear or greed.

What's there to put together like mismatch jigsaw pieces
but your life that is all angelic in the clouds of virtues and vices.
The devil you know is more than just an old acquaintance
who drinks and dines with you when you lust for depression.

Burn up the bridges that have taken you thus so far,
burn down the houses that you left with forgotten scars.
Say goodbye to the hearts you pick from the poker game
and let the raindrops wash you down to your selfless shame.

Take away, take away your tragic world,
Come now, come now and remember your soul.

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