Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Remain Silent

I've been away
and I've been around.
I see darkness in everyday mishaps
I see light in their projected frowns.
I walk away,
I've walked this way
Sometimes I like to be lost
Sometimes things get in the way.
I can laugh a lot,
I can smile aplenty
I will not refuse my tears
I'm so full, I am empty.
I remain silent,
I remain calm.
There is nothing so deep in the ocean
that I cannot reach with my inner vision.
I lay on my back
I lay on the grass
I watch the cloudy sky
and wait for truth, at last.


Socrates said...

i like it

Julya said...

Thanks :)

Selah said...

Nice poetry, I like it.
I have my own form of kind of poetry, please take a look,


Selah x

John Ling said...

Great poem. =)

Julya said...

Thanks Selah, I like your beautiful expressions. Makes me feel every bit of what's going on.

Thanks John. I haven't been blogging for a long time. Kind of fell out of it. But do look out for my short horror stories collection 'Bedtime stories from the dead of night'. Am so excited. No date of pubblication though. Hopefully by ths year.

skm said...

Nice poem - especially love the last lines - "I watch the cloudy sky
and wait for truth, at last"

Julya said...

Thanks SKM