Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women: 100 launch at Empire, Subang for A Woman in Question

A Woman in Question

Body - Joanne Kam
Mind - Elaine Daly
Heart - Bella Rahim
Soul/Spirit - Sofia Jane

Director: Ida Nerina

Last night was another night where I witnessed my very short play coming into being with an all star cast line up.

It was before the Chinese New Year that I got a call from Ida Nerina asking me if I would be interested to write for the Women: 100 launch. At that time I was helping my mum making cookies and I was a mess and a little disorientated with fatigue. I wanted to ask if she was 'the' Ida Nerina but I kept myself from making a fool of myself over the phone. When I said 'yes' she was just as thrilled as I was to be a part of this event. I was trying to rant about it to my mum later but she didn't know much about the local arts scene so I did the next best thing and called up a friend to say 'You won't believe who just called me!'

Last night, at the cozy setting of Itallianies at Empire, I watched another play I wrote within a span of a week. To see such powerful women speaking the words I wrote gave me goosebumps. Though the sound system could have been better the energy was strong. I met some of the people behind and in front of the scene for the very first time and their warmth was as comforting as a blanket of stars.

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