Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wonder, I ponder

This sadness that I'm feeling
is going nowhere.
Everywhere I look around
there's just no one there.

I wonder
I ponder
on the absolute blunder.
Of being so excited
about the joy that brings.
Of being so divided
about the little things.

It's a roller coaster ending,
that never gets old.
It's a road without a turning
of a story untold.

I have so many questions
about this feeling I feel
I'm wanting so many lessons,
but where is the thrill?

Sometimes all the lights
go out of my life.
Sometimes all that's left,
is the sound of a sigh.

I'm walking into an empty space
Where do I go?
I'm running round a circling daze,
and there isn't any more.

What do I do
when all is said and done?
It's quiet again
where does it all go down?
Who will I be?
How much do I amount?
Why is it so dark
in this banal old frown?