Sunday, July 10, 2011

There was a 'Bersih' event and the fan fell on me...

Yesterday was the first day of my art exhibition. It was really hot under the tent and I was restless. So I got up to walk around as much as I could to keep from drowning in my own perspiration. Since my next door neighbor was the watercolor society and a master was at work I decided to mosey over yonder to get a glimpse of an artists at work. Just as I stepped inside the tent I felt something hitting me really hard on my left shoulder and I wondered if there someone actually did that like an old friend doing the friendship whack on the back.

Everyone around gazed at me as though I was some kind of a sideshow attraction when I realized they were stunned and shocked out of their system at an incident which could have been worse than a scratch on my shoulder. This guy kept asking me if I was okay and his ashen face was enough to tell me what he must have seen. After a moment of shock myself I piece the entire thing together upon seeing the fan on the floor just inches away from me. I still didn't make much fuss about it but the people wanted to really make sure I was okay. I looked for signs and felt a little stinging on the shoulder and found a superficial scrap on my left calf. Other than that I was unharmed. What a thing to remember on my first art exhibition. The organizers were so afraid of what could have happened to me that they kept appologizing every chance they get. One even suggested I could have been beheaded by this freak accident but it gave me only more ideas for a horror story.

I was also thinking very much about the Bersih 2.0 rally happening simultaneously within the city limits while I was feeling hot and restless with loud music blaring throughout the flower fest. I couldn't help but wonder if my friends were there and if they were okay. If everything was under control or everything was chaotic and frightening. I kept asking for divine intevention or was it alien intervention to help ease the people's march for a cause they believe in. I don't know what the future holds now but I know it can be good ... only if everyone wants it to be.


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