Sunday, October 9, 2011

Be Ready

It's how you define yourself.
It's how you want to see the world.
It's how you judge the good and bad,
draw the line between right and wrong.
Everyone can tell you everything
but you determine what you want to do with it.
It's your choice.
If you want to follow
that is also a choice.
If you want to be blind
you choose it for a reason.
No one can screw you up
as much as you can screw yourself.
Your ultimatum is the way
you keep tab of yourself.
Your indecision is just another
reminder of your disillusionment.
And your diabolical mind
is just a playground for the
demons you have raised.
It's how you see life for what it is
and not meddle with other people's.
But if you choose to be
what you've become.
Be ready to accept the rewards
or pay the price.


owner : Lynn said...

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Julya said...

Thank you Lynn - I'll check your blog too

Suporna Roy said...

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