Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today we Begin

Some days you see the light coming through your window,
Some days you see darkness that leaves you with all its horror.
Sometimes you just want to stay in bed and fornicate with sorrow,
But some days you want to wake up to a new day and live forever.

These are the days
These are the times
You decide to make
You decide to break

News of dying and news of death
News of the wealthy and news of health
Songs of sadness and songs of love
Can you sing when your heart's about to burst?

Some nights are made of dreams and creations,
Some nights are nightmarish and filled with indignation.
Some of us are full of fire and generous with our desires,
Some of us all watered down and quickly to fold and retire.

These are the days gone bad.
These are the times gone sour.
Your option is to be happy or to be sad,
You can count them in minutes or by the hour.

News of madness, news of insanity,
News of progress, news of calamity.
Mother Nature is simple and all that she is,
But human nature is marked with some kind of disease.

Some days I'm a grouch with the world on my shoulders,
Some days I'm an angel of hope to all the lovers,
Some days we begin to love and understand,
Today we can start by listening and just be a friend.

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