Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Dearest Friend

I'd like to let you know that
I cannot be your friend anymore.
I hope you are alright with it
since I am going to be truthful and sincere.
It's not that I don't like you or
find you unpleasant.
But I realize I have grown
and change with the times.
I no longer wish to discriminate anyone
for being who they are,
I am through with comparing
the color of my skin
and the greatness of my religion.
I don't want to take any political stand
just because someone wants me to,
I can make that decision on my own.
I know we used to find stray animals disgusting
and how we sometimes hurt them for fun.
I have grown out of that ignorance
and I love animals more than I ever had before.
I am gradually moving into vegetarianism,
I don't need meat to satisfy my hunger anymore.
I can do without steak or bacon or pork roast
for I simply enjoy vegetables as fresh as I can get them.
My career days are over since I no longer
need an expensive lifestyle.
I don't want to chase something that isn't making me happy.
And I have no need for wealth beyond my dreams
because I have no intention to claim
a piece of earth and call it mine.
My weekly shopping days are no more a necessity
and my collection of bags and shoes and dresses are long gone.
I do with what I can and prefer to recycle hand me downs.
My taste for the nightlife has simmered down too.
All of a sudden I have no need for noise in the nightspots
and I prefer the peace and quiet in the home.
I have also learned to love the silence of good company,
I guess we have grown apart
and I appreciate your friendship all these years.
But I don't want to compromise myself
for the sake of keeping a friend.
I may have enjoyed dissing someone we knew
or cutting a stranger down to size
but it doesn't make sense to me anymore.
I don't need to do all those to be happy,
I don't have to follow a set of rules
created by people who doesn't know me
or understand me or think of my well being.
I know it's not my place to tell anyone to change
that's why I have to move on and tell you
I can no longer be your friend.
It was great while it lasted
but I need to find my way
through this sometimes bleak and demoralizing world
with an open mind and a heart inspired by
the very core of my spirit.
I enjoy beautiful things more than I wish to see them ugly
if you know what I mean.
Maybe someday our paths would cross again
but until then I wish you well
and I wish you everything that you ever ask for.
who used to be a friend.

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