Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Dream in 3 Parts

Last night I dreamed of three separate accounts at three different times. My first was minutes after I fell into deep sleep. I saw a picture of people running from some kind of catastrophe. I stirred up with fear and worry and told my friend who was beside me. I went back to sleep again and then I dreamed that the world was shaking as though it was hit by a very bad earthquake and I said to myself, "This is it." This time, I was just as afraid and even more so but I tried not to think of it and went back to sleep. Finally, hours before I woke I saw an explosion that mushroomed into the sky. It was very real to me and I woke up exhausted and troubled by the images.

I don't know what it all meant but it was frightening and very very disturbing.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plenty, Happy and None

Have plenty or have none.
That is a question for everyone,
who seek high and low
and wonder how far they can go
with the little that they have,
with the lots they want to stash.

If you have none but you are happy
you would have had the best without plenty.
So, if you are happy with the satisfaction of none.
You might seem peculiar, you might be the only one.
But if you have none and yet you are unhappy,
Oh, how sad it must be to want it so badly.

Because you still long for things that glitter and glitz
You'd do anything to have that plenty that you wish.
Of your wants, of desires that abundance would bring
that none could give while you continue to dream.
When you have plenty you naturally become happy,
Life couldn't be more pleasing, blissful and always sunny.

Then again you might have plenty but you still remain unhappy,
That is to say you have everything and yet none makes you chirpy.
How could it be? Someone with none but unhappy might inquire.
And yet someone who is happy with none understands your hunger.
So what will it be? To have plenty or to have none?
Or to have sufficient and be happy, sated and dumb?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

That Little Sorry State

Once there was a little sorry state
of everything.
Nothing great,
nothing worth remembering.
It just was
and it still is
as sorry as it will ever be.
It began with sort of a
that was thrown in
with the certainty of a
Just do,
it said,
just act,
it spat.
No need for empathy,
no need for sympathy.
Let the mind give in
to things unknown.
Let the heart be led
by the hands of norm.
Let the body reside
in skin and bones.
Let us all tarry
around things unborn.
Don't try too hard,
it will never work.
Don't see the light
from your eyes of fear.
Don't ask too much
from the misled folk.
Don't be sorry
when things begin to clear.
Keep yourself from the sorry and sorrows
of today, yesterday and tomorrow.
That little state need not dictate
the life you choose to love and make.
But as you wander in the streets
beyond doubts of disrepair.
You must wonder in your feats
to sometimes ask, "'What else is there?"
Oh, nothing much,
nothing that life can't touch.
Just that sorry little state
that we so love to call it our sacred fate.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Book: The Blasphemer by John Ling

What a ride! 
It takes you down the busy highway when your brakes don't work.
I like the little snippets of information inserted here and there.
Makes me feel like an intelligent reader.
Now, looking forward to the sequel.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Art of Talking Nonsense

I believe in the art of talking nonsense
which is easily done with thoughts mainly absent.
One just needs to blab or gabble or yak
like tomorrow's too late for a quick juicy snack.
The mouth and the tongue are intimate lovers
with more than 50 shades of grey and saliva.
You can't have one without having the other,
cos' talking nonsense works only when you're sober.
This art of tongue twisting, orating and spieling
gets easier with practice and constant bitching.
Ahh, the sound of your incessant squawking
is what makes life so utterly exciting.
Talk about your friends behind their backs,
whisper aloud your disgust at someone passing.
Spreading rumors don't need much tact
these are some of the acts of double dealing.
The art of talking nonsense can never end,
it grows from the minute into vicious titans.
This art is quite delightful I must profess
as long as it doesn't come back to bite you in the ass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book: Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

This is a pretty good read for those who love detective and scifi stories. 
Isaac Asimov is one heck of a brilliant storyteller.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Symphony of Science: We are Star Dust

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
We are part of this universe
We are in this universe
The universe is in us
Yes, the universe is in us

[Lawrence Krauss]
Every atom in your body
Came from a star that exploded
You are all star dust
From a star that exploded

Look up at the night sky
We are part of that
The universe itself
Exists within us

We are star dust
In the highest exalted way
Called by the universe
Reaching out to the universe

We are star dust
In the highest exalted way
Reaching out to the universe
With these methods and tools of science

[Richard Feynman]
Stand in the middle and enjoy everything both ways
The tininess of us;
The enormity of the universe

The atoms that make up the human body
Are traceable to the crucibles
That cooked light elements
Into heavy elements

These stars went unstable in their later years
And then exploded
Scattering their enriched guts
Across the galaxy


We are part of this universe
We are in this universe
The universe is in us
Yes, the universe is in us

Symphony of Science: The Poetry of Reality

[Michael Shermer]
Science is the best tool ever devised
For understanding how the world works

[Jacob Bronowski]
Science is a very human form of knowledge
We are always at the brink of the known

[Carl Sagan]
Science is a collaborative enterprise
Spanning the generations
We remember those who prepared the way
Seeing for them also

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
If you're scientifically literate,
The world looks very different to you
And that understanding empowers you

[Richard Dawkins]
There's real poetry in the real world
Science is the poetry of reality

We can do science
And with it, we can improve our lives

[Jill Tarter]
The story of humans is the story of ideas
That shine light into dark corners

[Lawrence Krauss]
Scientists love mysteries
They love not knowing

[Richard Feynman]
I don't feel frightened by not knowing things
I think it's much more interesting

[Brian Greene]
There's a larger universal reality
of which we are all a part

[Stephen Hawking]
The further we probe into the universe
The more remarkable are the discoveries we make

[Carolyn Porco]
The quest for the truth, in and of itself,
Is a story that's filled with insights


From our lonely point in the cosmos
We have through the power of thought
Been able to peer back to a brief moment
After the beginning of the universe

[PZ Myers]
I think that science changes the way your mind works
To think a little more deeply about things

Science replaces private prejudice
With publicly verifiable evidence


Symphony of Science: The Unbroken Thread

[David Attenborough]
All life is related
And it enables us to construct with confidence
The complex tree that represents the history of life

Our planet, the Earth, is as far as we know
Unique in the universe; it contains life
Here plants and animals proliferate in such numbers
That we still have not even named all the different species

Darwin's great insight revolutionized the way in which we see the world
We now understand why there are so many different species

[Carl Sagan]
Every cell is a triumph of natural selection
And we're made of trillions of cells (Within us is a little universe)
Those are some of the things that molecules do
Given four billions years of evolution (We are, each of us, a multitude)

Now how did the molecules of life arise?

It began in the sea
Some 3 thousand million years ago
Complex chemical molecules began to clump together

These were the "seeds"
From which the tree of life developed
They were able to split, replicating themselves
As bacteria do

The secrets of evolution
Are time and death
There's an unbroken thread that stretches
From those first cells to us


[Jane Goodall]
There isn't a sharp line dividing humans
from the rest of the animal kingdom
It's a very wuzzie line

It's a very wuzzie line,
and it's getting wuzzier
All the time

We find animals doing things that we,
In our arrogance,
Used to think was "just human"


Its continued survival now rests in our hands

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sabrina Yeap: Mother Teresa Of The Animals

I can’t believe there is a heaven without dogs or pets. Founder of animal sanctuary Furry Friends Farm (FFF) passed on yesterday at the Sungai Buloh Hospital of Leukemia. Initiated the Dr Dog animal-assisted therapy programme in Malaysia, which was formulated by internationally-renowned animal activist and founder of Animals Asia Foundation Jill Robinson.

Friday, July 6, 2012

What Will Happen on December 21st 2012 and How to Prepare for it by Simona Rich

The future that we will experience is just one of a million possibilities. And I strongly believe that you can subscribe to many collective realities, realities that are good or evil.
So here are some of the strong future collective realities that you might manifest during this date, December 21st, 2012. Your energy and your belief will determine which one you will find yourself in.
It’s told by some that on December 21st 2012 there would be a split in the world: positive people would be separated from the negative ones. This means that positive people would easily manifest more positive things and would live in a positive world, whilst negative people would be stuck in their negative vibrations and thus in the negative world throughout their lives.
I actually feel this is happening right at this moment in my life, for about a year now, so I’m living in this chosen reality. Although I see negativity, it doesn’t have an effect on my reality, although I can choose to react to it. As though I am shielded from the outside evils and live in a better world – that’s the best way I can explain it. Yes, these days I expel negativities left in me, but I feel it’s part of the cleansing process and not returning to the negative vibe.
Also, about this positive-negative split. Have you noticed that evil people are becoming more evil and good people are becoming better? Wouldn’t that indicate the occurring split? It seems that spiritually aware people live in a totally different world than unaware ones. I know a lot of people who would agree with this statement and that means they share the same collective reality as I do, the reality of the minority.
The scary thing is, is that negative people won’t be able to ascend to the better world after this date, they would be stuck in a negative vibe all their lives. Maybe that’s why the media tries to keep as many people as possible concerned about things that don’t matter and stuck in their lower chakras through the constant promotion of sex, material wealth and egotism.
Because of this positive-negative split we get two very different prediction types about December 21st. Some people predict doom and gloom and warn people to buy food supplies and clean water and hide underground. Others predict ascension to the higher dimension and contact with high vibration beings.
Mayan calendar indicates the end of the cycle and the beginning of something new. According to them we are transitioning into the fifth sun, where materialism will decline and spirituality arise. Mayans also predict that during this date the fifth element, that of ether, will be felt more. Isn’t that the God’s particle that talks are arising about?
The first time in 26,000 years the sun will align with the milky way galaxy exactly at 11:11 am on December 21st, 2012, as some sources suggest.
During this alignment with the center of galaxy the earth would receive much more cosmic energy or God’s particles, in other words, and that could mean a number of things: it could mean that people with too much toxicity in their bodies won’t survive. It may indicate DNA upgrade which I strongly believe in because of the 11:11 and 22 master numbers people are seeing. It could mean ascending to the fourth dimension and increased manifesting and psychic abilities.
This planetary change may also cause earthquakes, new mountain formations as well as floods.
Some claim that the dark forces try to block this upgrade to the fourth dimension by keeping us distracted with things that don’t matter, like computer games, mobile phones and TVs. My personal opinion is that inventions requiring towers such as mobile networks and the receivers themselves are really messing up our energy fields, making us inaccessible to higher vibrations.
Have you noticed that some official sources started to spread the news that nothing will happen in 2012? Usually what they say is opposite to that which it true.
Now let’s leave theories and focus on what people are feeling now.
As I have mentioned in one of my facebook updates a lot of people ascending currently experience cleansing. This comes in the form of the dark night of the soul as well as sudden negativity outbursts. People are cleansing themselves from their remaining negativities accumulated in this and past lifetimes so that they would be fully open to the new energy influx.
Many, including myself, strongly feel that the time is quickening and that they age slower. Did you notice that too? I even dare to claim that nobody in my family or friends aged even a bit during these few years. That may also indicate that our DNA is being upgraded at this very moment and this work will be complete on 21st of December 2012.
Also, the quickening of time may indicate that our lifespans are increasing. It is said that for gods years go like days and they live what it seams forever to mortals. Are we getting closer to these non physical beings?
More and more people can’t sleep at night with existential questions. Questions about God, their life and the purpose of humanity can’t seem to leave them anymore. Some people feel as though they have a time limit to figure it out. They feel the clock ticking and some feel frustrated as though there is a shield preventing them from answering these questions. This, again, is the dark night of the soul – this too shall pass.
I’m experiencing the dark night of the soul too and when I tried to view anything about this significant date with my third eye I started seeing light brownish figures and then a black screen appeared out of nowhere and prevented me from seeing anything more.
When you add the numbers of this significant date together, December 21st, 2012, you get a master number 11. Also, the age we are coming into, the age of the Aquarius, is also the 11th sign of the zodiac. Isn’t that interesting that many people keep seeing this master number everywhere?
The combination of 11:11 brings us to the number 22, another master number signifying sainthood and ascension. There are less people, including myself, who keep seeing this master number. I think the time we started seeing these two master numbers, was the time our ascension and DNA upgrade started.
What I also noticed is that a lot of spiritual people are moving away from commercial cities into countrysides. I talked to many of the people choosing to live in the Asian undeveloped countries, and what they say is identical, and I sound exactly the same. They say that they are tired of the stressful fear-based egoistic purposeless lives that people lead in the west and that the nature in undeveloped countries revives and recharges them. They feel strong attraction to places such as India, and once there, they feel as though this is their mother country and not the commercial countries they were born in.
Enough said about what might happen during this time. Let’s take a look at how we can prepare for this date.
My top advice is this: before and during this date closely watch the behaviour of wild animals. Wild animals are very much in tune with their intuition and they start sensing coming danger much more in advance than humans do, especially when it comes to weather changes and natural disasters. Have you heard of stories that before floods all birds and wild mammals leave the place? So I will be closely monitoring the behaviour of wild animals and go where they are heading to.
By the way, my Indian visa is expiring 11 days before this significant date, how interesting. So I won’t be in India and I feel a pull to go to China, so I will probably be there, if I manage to get a visa. I will keep updating you about my surroundings.
Stay away from the oceans especially, also seas and large rivers. I think the safest places are the ones that have no mountains, oceans, seas or rivers, somewhere in the center of the continent.
Edgar Cayce, the called sleeping prophet, predicted that in America you should stay away from New York City and the West coast, and that safe places in the US will be Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Central and some Eastern states. He also predicted that Japan will be submerged in water.
I would personally abandon highly developed countries as they are going against the nature of this universe. I would stay in areas where people live in harmony with nature, in areas abundant in wildlife and beautiful nature as well as where high vibes are felt.
Also, google “tectonic plates” and be away from their intersections.
Now to aid your ascension, here are the things you can do.
Try to connect with earth’s energy. Thank her for keeping you alive, bless it. Cleanse it with meditation and healing sounds.
Eat very pure food, I would strongly advice to grow your own food even if you have limited land or if you have no land, then grow your food in vessels filled with land. Pure food will purify and strengthen your body for ascension. Bless your food before eating.
Keep yourself fit – if the earth is going to significantly raise its vibration, the sick may not make it.
By all means avoid smoking and drinking – this is common sense but not for some.
Stay away from high tech stuff, be surrounded with natural things. Get orgonites, natural stones, gold and silver to help you with ascension. Orgonites transform negative energy into positive energy, raise vibration and cleanse toxic air. You can get them from Amazon.
Keep raising your vibration by all means possible – listen to healing sounds, stay with spiritual people, read spiritual books, meditate for peace and love. During this date meditate to connect to this higher energy and feel how it’s transforming you for the better. Don’t meditate if your mood is low.
Meditate in high energy places, even if they were desgned for getting energy for evil purposes. Energy is neither good nor bad, you transform it through your own intentions. So use structures built by negative people for positive purposes. Such structures are some pyramids, stone formations, temples and some contemporary buildings.
When you meditate, don’t call forth any deity – instead focus on charging yourself up with this high cosmic energy to ascend.
In my opinion, if a person fully ascends before this date, he won’t experience any tribulations or physical sensations. He would be intuitively guided to the right place during this date. Those who are not fully ascended, may feel pains or get stuck in areas that would experience minor or major catastrophes. That’s why it’s extremely important to work on yourself from this very date for your ascension/DNA upgrade to fully take place.
That’s all the advice I’m going to give you in this video. Use it at your own risk and only if it resonates with you.

A Belardius

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulos

I read this book a long long time ago in the 70s. I can't believe it is still available and they're in the making of an animation. They are still in the midst of of collecting funds to make it happen - do help if you can.

Some books just won't let you go even if you have only seen or read once, and this is the book for me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Comically Correct 1

Death of a despondent Dove

Yesterday a dove fell from the tree after a deadly scuffle with a few others of its kind. There were no scars, wounds or marks that could determine ow it died. Such a sad end to a beautiful creature.

Once in flight,
now defied.
Life is great,
death frustrates.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I Learned Today: Simona Rich's How to survive the New World Order

Extracted from

How to Survive the New World Order

A vast majority of people have heard at least some things about the New World Order. Some people get obsessed about researching everything about it, some people become fearful, some – angry, when they hear about it.

It’s a vast subject and it’s a true subject, but there are a lot of inconsistencies and misinformation about it online. However the fact is, most people are slaves – those who work for the system, and population control is at its full force – the chemicals are in the air, water and food.

Yes, the vast majority of the world is ruled by the few, and they establish harsh laws through the approval of ignorant masses. What’s bad for people is put as good and almost everyone buys it.

Everything common is set up for our destruction and crushing of the souls – education, employment, monotheistic religions, governments, media. Everything that the wide masses of people approve is likely to be very bad for us.

So what can we do? Fight the system? Talk about it? Form groups? Here are my ways of surviving the New World Order.

Groups are for sheep. We are not sheep. That’s why those awakening to the truth are usually alone. They can’t form groups because it’s not in their awakened nature. And after all, those who would become members would be still programmed. The sign that a person is de-programmed is when he/she refuses to “belong” to any religion, company or group.

Even worse, groups tend to become violent or one-sided with time. Groups become corrupt with time. Group leaders become power-thirsty. And that won’t accomplish anything good.

So  I would suggest another way. Live your truth. Set the examples. Awaken people by the way you live. Share your good energy with others. Show them through your example. Don’t try to change them, simply live the best way you can. Those who are ready will get what they need from your life and will hopefully awaken.

Support people like you. It would be very sad to see a few companies ruling the world. A month ago I was in North UK. The shops in the cities were the same as in South UK. Like in every town you go to in UK everything looks the same. It’s so sad. It’s killing the souls of those places.

My mind, when seeing this fact, went to India. Thanks God in most places in India you can’t find soulless shops such as McDonalds or Tesco. Individuals or families run small businesses selling natural foods, handmade jewellery, making brass water containers, painting religious pictures. That’s beautiful. Every place you go to is unique, thanks to these creative business people.

So what can you do to avoid these horrible monopolies taking over? SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS. They are dying. Yes, you may need to pay a bit more, but it’s worth it – trust me. Especially if you want to have your own business you should help the current small business owners. Because you get what you send forth. I think supporting small businesses is really helping to eliminate the One World Order.

Grow your own food. If possible, grow your own food. If not, buy locally grown food from small business owners. If this is not possible, at least buy fruit and veg instead of buying artificial foods.

Fight hatred with love. Have you ever tried to end the argument with love instead of more argumentative words? If you did you might have noticed how powerful love is. For example, you are fighting with your partner about something and suddenly you hug him and say how much you love him and how stupid it is to argue. And even if the partner still seems argumentative, you continue displaying love and saying beautiful words until he/she melts. It works wonders.

That’s what I advice to do with people who are too much indoctrinated/ignorant of the truth. Don’t hate them. Love them, be compassionate to them  - they are really poor souls. They are not likely to believe your arguments in favour of oneness, God or whatever. Simply choose to love them – this will draw them to you and they will learn by the examples that you set.

Never, NEVER fear. Fear is the food of those power thirsty individuals who rule us. It’s the food of evil entities that help to control us. So please, never fear. Fear equals evil, fear equals extremely low energy. Don’t even get angry as this is also the energy negative entities/people can feed on.

Fear is neutralised by information and love, also by trust. Trust in God, keep raising your vibration. Don’t listen to the frightening hypnotising media news or whatever. Pay attention to what’s good, what makes you happy.

Find your own path. Following someone else, even a good person, is a mistake. They will get you off your own path. You can use them to raise your vibration, for inspiration, but you will have to find your path on your own. That’s because each path is unique.

Shut out all the influences. Listen to your heart. Stop doing what causes fear and unhappiness in you. Remember, fear is evil – it’s a signal that you should end the bonds with whatever causes you to fear. For example, if you dread going to work each day, it’s a clear signal to cut this work out of your life. Quit it, it’s killing your soul. If you quit it, the Universe will reward you – it will never leave you alone.

So shut out everything that’s causing fear and unhappiness. Then listen to your heart. What makes you happy? What do you want to do with your life? Listen to this call and do it whole-heartedly. You will never look back.

Help open-minded ones. If there are people who ask for your help, help them as much as you can. Those who are ready to hear about what’s happening in the world should be helped as much as possible. They are ready to awaken, they are looking for someone who knows the truth.

Respect God’s manifestations. Don’t harm animals (this means not eating meat too), clean natural environment, raise vibration of the universe by prayers and meditations. Respect everything that was created by God.

Don’t overload yourself with information. Don’t read NWO sites or similar sites. You will just end up feeling drained, confused and negative. Instead work on your own self improvement, listen to your soul, raise your vibration. You will help the world much more this way than by reading about how cruel the elite is.
Don’t you see that there’s also information in some NWO sites that’s designed to confuse you and make you feel helpless? Don’t you see that the leaders against the movement also contradict each other? Don’t you see the insanity in this? Refuse to get involved in this fruitless propaganda.

Protect your health. Caring for your health goes back to supporting individual business owners as their goods are likely to have no or less chemicals than the multinational corporations’ ones. In general, don’t eat anything that has chemicals. Don’t put into your hair anything with chemicals (that means refusing to use commercial shampoos and conditioners), don’t put onto your skin anything that has chemicals (e.g. commercial creams).

Protecting your health also means not getting involved in vibration lowering situations such as arguments or not talking to energy sucking people. This means getting orgonite to protect yourself and your family from cancer causing frequencies emanating from mobile phones, satellites, etc.

Don’t buy into collective dream. Live your own truth. You know you’re out of the collective dream when you are no longer unaware participator in it but a thoughtful observer. Your life is so different to the life of a common person that sometimes you feel that you are not of this world. That’s called living your own truth.
For example, common people call me weird. I love it, because I know I’m living my truth. I do everything in a way that feels right to me rather than what other people deem to be right. I don’t have a house, nor do I want to get one. I live in hotels/guesthouses/currently renting a house. I travel a lot. I love India. I wear bindi sometimes. I love riding a scooter up to the Himalayan mountains. I love getting up night time with inspired thoughts to write a blog post. No wonder people call me “different”. I AM different, because I live my own truth. I hope you do to.

These are just tips that I got inspired to write – there are many more things you could do survive the New World Order. If you have any more tips about how to survive the New World Order, please post them to my Facebook Wall or Google plus.

What I Learned Today: Alan Turing

If you are homophobic you can stop using the computer now.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quote for the Day

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your
wings on the way down.”

~Ray Bradbury

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ray Bradbury: Thank you for your vision, entertainment and passion

 Let's Sing the Body Electric with Ray Bradbury 1920 - 2012

In 2009, at a lecture celebrating the first anniversary of a small library in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley, he exhorted his listeners to live their lives as he said he had lived his: "Do what you love and love what you do."
"If someone tells you to do something for money, tell them to go to hell," he shouted to raucous applause.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The 'Basically I'm a Nice Person' Syndrome

Basically I'm a nice person
until I open up my big fat mouth
and start judging others who are not like me.
Or when I justify all the bad things that I've done
and pretty much blame them on other people.
Of course there are times I gossip
with slanderous and seditious talk
but then again it's just talk.
Or the times when I kvetch, gripe and whine
about the weather, about not having enough of money,
about my family and friends,
about everything under the sky
but it doesn't mean that I'm not a nice person.
I do make a fool of myself
saying things I don't mean
but it's just one of those thing
that I do without thinking
because I don't want to think too much.
But I think animals are beneath us
and people are crazy to treat them as though
they are our equals.
Who cares if they die or go extinct right?
Oh, and I also feel nature has to make way for development.
Hey, you want a nice car,
a nice home to go with it,
technological gadgets for convenience,
lots of accessories
and vacations don't you?
That's what factories are for.
I know some people suffer more than others
but that's life, that's how it is, that's the way it goes.
You can't change destiny,
people are fated with their own sorrows
so all I can do is pity them.
I know I inherited
all the wealth, all the luxuries, all the greatness
from my ancestors,
but you can't blame me for my good fortune, right?
The gods just love me more in that way
but I don't like to brag about it.
I'm actually very humble.
I'm also very generous when I give
money away to poor people
that I take from rich people.
But like I say,
I'm basically a very nice person
I don't think I've ever done any bad things,
just a few slips here and there is all.
If you happen to meet me
I'm very sure you'll like me
because I know I'll like you.
I heart you.
Vote for me won't you?
Long live me.

Return of the Goddess - 6-5-2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go, where your Heart takes you

where your heart takes you.
for a moment
doubt the whispers
of that inner voice.
You can be directed,
guided or shown the way,
but your heart
will be the only one
that knows
what you need.
Take a moment
to think things through
but let your heart
be the light.
Let it remain ageless.
Let it take the helm.
It has been with you
from your first breath,
and it will be with you
till your last.
You can trust it
with love,
you can confide in it
for decisions,
and you can expect it
to always carry you through.
where your heart takes you.
where you need to go.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Poster of the Day

What I Learned Today: Natural Sielnce Vs Unnatural silence

Today I cycled past my usual natural Lake Gardens and saw a huge alpha male short-tail macaque. He was just standing on the water pipe looking majestic. And a little further up the road, just before the war cemetery I saw an eagle swooping down to feed on some worm in a puddle of water. It was simply magnificent.
After cycling I went to one of my hangouts for a wantan mee lam kari and there were a few groups of people and everyone was chatting away as though trying to beat the clock.
That made me wonder why is it that nature is so silent most of the time unless it's mating season or defending their young. A whole pride of monkeys can just sit in the trees keeping absolutely still, so can a flock of birds and a school of fish. But when humans get together there's bound to be yakking, chatting and gossiping. Now, why is that that we can't shut up and just be silent in each other's company?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poster of the day

What I Learned Today: Buy a Radio to Free Sarawak

Radio Free Sarawak started as little more than a determined idea with three pairs of hands on board back in late 2010 – all of us volunteers. But, when something is needed and of urgency, it soon takes on a life of its own and our little team was immediately buoyed by a surge of wonderful help and support.

Great people agreed to give their time to be interviewed and wonderful professionals came and bolstered the team to transform us into something that thousands of people are interested to listen to each day. Now we are a thriving, if still tiny, operation, providing two hours of news and information each day, specially for the longhouse communities of Sarawak and mainly in Iban and Bahasa Malaysia.

For years these people have had no access to alternate news – the real news – except for the “lecturing” on Government radio stations, justifying the plunder of their lands and abuse of their human rights for the benefit of others. They have been denied information about what has been happening to their lands, their neighbours, their forests and their rivers. Left in unbelievable poverty after being stripped of the wealth of their lands, these people have been told to be patient for some future “development” and to be wary of taking a stand for their rights, lest they be punished by further deprivation.

Radio Free Sarawak has provided a different perspective and allowed the new generation of politicians to have a platform to speak to the people. We have challenged the greed and selfishness of the present governing clique in Sarawak and exposed their unbelievable corruption. We have opposed the destruction of Sarawak’s unique environment for the obscene enrichment of just a few families.

Radio Free Sarawak has at last been able to explain the truth of what has happened over the past few decades to the people of Sarawak – how they have been the victims of criminal looting and destruction of their lands by their supposedly trusted wakil rakyat. They deserve to know these things and they are tuning in eagerly each day and contacting us with new information and stories from their communities and villages.

Over the past few months our listeners have grown hugely in numbers. We cannot be sure exactly how many people are tuning in in the longhouses, but the stories abound of whole communities gathering between 6pm and 8pm to listen to our radios.

However, we need more of these shortwave radios, so that more people can get the chance to listen to our programme. Each radio can reach large groups of people, given their communal lifestyle, so even one radio can transform the understanding of a whole longhouse community.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

What I Learned Today: Use Somebody

For a song that has won the 52nd Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Rock Song somehow slipped through my radar. But thank the stars above I found you. Or more like he found me. I so love songs like that.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Learned Today: The Naked & Famous

I love the sounds of this band. Reminds me of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, T'Pau and  the new wave 80s.

Check them out at:

Passive me, Aggressive you

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is like a badly written script

Sometimes you may feel that your life
is like a badly written script.
The characters are wooden,
the plot is weak
and the dialogue is lame.
Everything just seems so wrong
right from the very start of Act 1.
There is no hook to keep you wanting more,
no inciting incident to make it go where it's suppose to go
and no continuity to make it flow.
You know for a fact that you cannot sustain Act 2
because it sags like a tabby with 9 unborn litters.
There is no concrete elements,
no character development
and no moments to hoold it together.
And to talk about Act 3 is a waste of time
since you couldn't even handle the first two.
There is no climax to your story
and the conclusion leaves you with nothing more to desire.
No one wants to make a movie out of your script
because it is boring, it has no commercial value
and it sinks faster than the Titanic, the Poseidon
and the Lusitania tied together.
But then you realize a good script needs to be rewritten
over and over again, draft after draft
to tighten the plot, to give your characters life
and to make them speak from the heart.
And to do this you'll have to sit down and think,
use a bit of your imagination,
fire up your creativity,
envision the entire story from the beginning
and focus on how you want it to end.
You have to fill in the emptiness with adventures,
with inspiring persistence through tragedies
and lock down action sequences with romantic ones.
But most of all you have to answer
all the questions that had been asked.
And then there is the catharsis, the closure, the ending
that would have to make sense
and not just a hit and run finish.
If you need to rewrite it a hundred times to make it better
then you would have to do it a hundred times.
To take short cuts and cheat yourself
by imitating others,
copying someone else's style,
or fool your audience
will bring nothing but total disaster.
And your script will be as good as
something dumped in the slush pile.
But if you believe in what you write
just as you believe that it is going to be good
you may yet have a hit in your hands.
Life could be a badly written script
when you start out with the outline and the treatment,
but you could also rewrite it
to suit the genre you prefer
and you could also conclude it
the way you picture it your heart.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fist of Dragon

Yesterday I sat in the cinema at Taiping Sentral all by myself for the 2.15pm show. There were only 7 others who came to watch this movie. Without much expectation I waited shortly and saw another movie trailer Dance Dance Dragon which seemed hilarious. 

And soon the main feature began but I had no one to make a hullabaloo with so I behaved myself. I was more eager to see my name appearing than I was for the show. And when it finally came on I was relieved and only then did I concentrate on watching. For most part I felt pretty tensed throughout the movie. It was definitely a dick flick for kung fu lovers. 

Although there were disjointed continuities and flaccid storylines here and there it was enjoyable nevertheless. I would have liked a better wrap up in the end after a gruelling and nerve wrecking fighting finale but making up for that I got to see my name appear again the second time and it was pure bliss. 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Look Ma, they banned this book!

Anyone selling or distributing this book
will be fined RM20 000 or jailed for three years.
"So Ma, where do we really come from?"

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

When you think only of yourself all the time
you will get bored, lonely and disgusted
with the world pretty quick

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I Learned Today: The mom of a 'princess boy' speaks out

"It's not contagious, he's just like any other kid. He plays checkers, he plays in the trees. He just likes to do it in a dress -- big deal."

At any point has the response you received caused you or your husband to second-guess your decision to support Dyson's preferences?
No.  As Dean puts it - we can’t lose.   If we support him now and he changes his mind and stops dressing up later, he can look back and say I can’t believe I did that, but I am so glad my parents and brother loved me and supported me.  Or if he continues, he can say I am so glad my parents and brother loved me and supported me even when I was young.  Either way, we love and support Dyson.  It’s a win-win.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A letter from your spirit

I want the best for you.
I want to see you through life
and be everything that you've ever wanted.
I want to be your path, your candle, your friend
who can show you the way
while keeping you company.
I want you to experience
the bitterness and sweetness
that will break you and make you
and I want to be there
to let you know
that it's okay.
That in the end
nothing really matters
but your own personal journey.
I want you to know that fighting
for truth is better than
fighting for no reason at all.
I want you to appreciate
the stars in the night,
the clouds in the day,
and feel the breeze in your hair,
raindrops on your skin
and sunshine in your eyes.
I want you to listen
to the sounds of nature
and know that this is the kind of comfort
and peace you'll need
in times of trouble,
in times of restlessness,
in times of duress.
But then,
these are what I want for you.
But if you choose not to want them
I can only wait
and hope
that one day you'll hear
my voice.
That little voice that tells you
I am here,
I will always be here for you,
for I am the spirit
that will shelter you
from the storm,
carry you through pains and agonies,
and lift you from lies and deceits.
I am the spirit
in you that can make anything possible
and make dreams come true
if you would just believe in me.
If you would just
feel me.
If you would just close your eyes
and see me for who
I really am.

Thank You

Sometimes we thank people only once
on an occasion, in a situation,
in an event or during an inspiring gathering.
But when you think back about the effect it had on you
you will know that once is never enough.
When you have tasted the bitterness and the sweet,
the downward turn and the upswing lift,
you will understand that
a small act of kindness
can lead to quite unexpected greatness.
Be it a word,
a hug,
a shoulder,
a silent company,
a smile,
a handshake,
a whisper,
or an insignificant sharing,
it would have done something to you and for you.
It might have given you hope,
it might have given you joy,
it might have given you peace,
it might have given you comfort,
it might have given you enlightenment,
it might have given you love
or everything of the above.
To all these persons
I thank you for that moment.
I am here because of many reasons
and one of them is you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coupling: Shelter

This is an improved version to the coupling series I painted earlier. With the convoluting, contorting, entanglement of life - it is always nice to share the comfort with someone else.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Time to Say Sorry

It's time to say sorry
to an LGBT person you have
embarrassed, tortured or hurt
for they have done nothing
to deserve your ignorance.

It's time to say sorry
to the animals you treated like toys,
that you hit or slapped or kicked
just because they don't retaliate
to the commands you cruelly instigate.

It's time to say sorry
to the people you gossiped about
with vicious lies and rumors and slanders
and destroyed their reputation
merely for your own selfish satisfaction.

It's time to say sorry
to the person who cared for you
but always getting the brunt
of your anger and frustration
that shouldn't have been their concern.

It's time to say sorry
to the strangers you brush off
because they are beneath you.
The ones you forget are just as equal,
the ones you refuse to stand on the same level.

It's time to say sorry
to the people you have ostracized
because they are of no worth to you,
your culture, your tradition and your faith
and for that you made them grief.

But if you refuse to say sorry
and think that are right by your own principles and values
and you will be rewarded for your righteousness
as long as you live in your guarded cowardliness
beware of your own cannibalistic darkness.

Saying sorry comes from the heart anyway
not a word that falls out of fear or insincereity,
especially when you feel good about yourself
and when you have transcended beyond humanity.
I guess that's the person not everyone can be.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Volatile Day

You don't need a gift
You don't need a lover
You don't need to impress anyone
not even yourself
if you are alone on this day
or any other days.
You are loved
by someone,
Sometimes you don't see it
sometimes you don't know it
but love comes to you
when you least expect it.
From someone
you might have forgotten,
from someone whom you ignored,
or from someone who will soon
cross your path.
Love because you can,
not because you have to.
Happy volatile day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What I Learned Today

I know there's the Stockholm Syndrome from movies:
- a paradoxical psychological phenomenon where a victim develop empathy or feelings for their captors. Named after the bank robbery in Stockholm where the hostages became emotionally attached to their captors.

Now there's something in reverse effect call the Lima Syndrome:
- where abductors develop sympathy for their hostages, which was named after an incident in Lima of course and all the hostages were set free.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Quote of the Day

When you are lonely
you will only hear the quiet whispers
of disoriented monologues
in your head

When you are alone
you will hear answers
to the questions
you have been asking for

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting to Know Us, Getting to Know all about Us

Most of us don't know who we are.

We don't know what we want. We don't know where we are heading. And we don't know why we get up in the morning to repeat the same old routine every day.

You must have heard about the inner journey from one source or another but still don't know what it has got to do with life itself. What's the big deal about traveling within? And why do we have to do that? Why? Well because Cher tells us that sooner or later 'We all sleep alone' and Gilbert O'Sullivan is 'Alone again, naturally' and Heart likes to be 'Alone'. I mean can you even look at the mirror and tell that person looking back at you if you like her/him?

Asking ourselves personal questions can be quite a confrontation. Do we really want to know why we are so temperamental? Losing our heads at the snap of a finger? Or why we drink so much it's a sure-fire onset for future health problems? Or that we are promiscuous and reckless, angry all the time and drug-laden, spending beyond our means and so so lonely? Do we dare ask ourselves what is making us so damn useless that is making us so ugly?

I guess if we truly want answers we have to ask the right questions and not dwell or justify on those that need no answers like: Don't you think I'm gorgeous? Am I not kind when I give so much love and get nothing back? Why do people hate me so much?

Though the truth is hard to swallow, even if it reveals some dark secrets of our past or expose our weakest attribute, it can be cathartic and empowering just as well. Though knowing too much can be intimidating to our small mindedness at the beginning, once we understand what it is that make us tick, we can take control of our lives and focus on our true vision that will lead us out of this entanglement.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Only Following Orders

When I was a kid
I did what my my dad told me
and took the job of a man,
and stayed within the confines
of the enslaved damned.
But where did it go wrong?
I was only following orders,
Why do I still feel lacking as a man?

When I was a wife
I did what my mother told me
I let my husband treat me
the way a woman should be treated.
But I'm bruised and black and struck.
Where did it go wrong?
I was only following orders
Is this just my unfortunate luck?

When I was a young soldier
my country sent me to the killing fields
where I was wounded and maimed,
and I came home without arms and legs
and a heart and a mind.
Where did it go wrong?
I was only following orders
Why is the world so unkind?

When I was a girl coming of age
everything tells me I should look pretty,
otherwise no one will like me.
I avoided looking plain and dull
trying to outdo the others with my style.
Where did it go wrong?
I was only following orders
Why am I still lonely all this while?

When I was a spiritual guru
ascending beyond the material and immaterial
I saw the light God shone
I was blessed with the hope of love
and given answers for I believed.
Where did it go wrong?
I was only following orders
Why do I feel like I've not lived?

When I finally woke up
from the dream and nightmare
of who I wasn't,
I began to understand
it was all unrhymed nonsense.
Now it's no more wrong
because I didn't follow any orders
and the most beautiful thing is my own presence.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sad Songs & Tragic Movies

I've always wondered why I love sad songs and tragic movies. But now I do. When I was a child I was emotionally, mentally and physically abused into submission from all sources and my only escape was to cry with the sad songs and tragic movies. They did help me get by after a good cry. The only part of me that no one could touch was spiritually. I knew I was with god, the supreme being, aliens or something greater than I was in the stars and sky. The mountains were my solidarity and they spoke to me always. The trees stood by me and sheltered me from harm.

When I grew up I met guys who were unsure about a lot of things and one of them was me. They could never decide if I was a better part of the lives or the worse. Naive as I was I allowed them to string me like a bait they put out to fish until they catch something better. But I became wiser and stopped that from happening again.

And then I went my own way and had a great life away from people who brought me down. But then fate won't leave me alone and sent me back for reunions and it started all over again. But with new experience I managed to keep it all at bay.  And then by some strange force of nature I met another guy with whom I shared a great and tragic life. I was emotionally and mentally drained once again and I tried to find a way out. Each time I was in the clear he came back like a recurring nightmare. But naive as I was again I thought things would get better. I was the ever so optimistic person that I was.

We stayed through thick and thin and ventured come hell or high water. We loved each other without commitments and restraints. We did everything we could to survive and made it through. And then he left again, this time taking the largest piece of me with him. And I went back to sad songs and tragic movies especially when he told me he fell in love with someone else.

As the songs of sorrows seep into my head my mind run with random thoughts and questions that any rejected person would think of. Ever since I was a kid I had all these songs compiled and movies recorded but I didn't realize it was for today. For the time when I am older and wiser and thought nothing would ever hurt me again. But they still do. So I listen and I watch and I cry and I cry. I feel like a thousand pieces but I know they can't touch me spiritually because I still believe. I'm still optimistic that things will get better. So good that one day I won't have a need for the sad songs and tragic movies anymore.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


and then it slowly dies.
the heart,
the body,
the mind.
it all comes to nothing
but an emptiness
that is
soundless yet maddening,
calm yet turbulent,
relieving yet damaging.
these are the emotions
that cut you
when you
hang on too tightly
to something
that never was.
that never will be.
that never is.
and death
is the only way
to transcend.

The Irony of the New Technology

I have phone numbers everywhere,
on my iPhone, smartphone, iPad, internet
but I can't remember a single one for the life of me.
I have many friends whom I have never met
in forums, chat rooms, Facebook and twitter
but I don't seem to have time to meet anyone in person.
I can sync with almost everything
from the TV programs, my laptop and accessories
but I am just as disorganized outside virtual reality.
Everything can be so quick within my grasp
my fingers do all the walking and talking and sharing
but my response to everything else is slower than my thinking.
I can travel anywhere, learn anything and retrieve whatever
but I sit on my ass the whole day in a dark room
and all I get are dry eyes, back ache and unusual pains.
I learn so much from the internet
from cooking to surviving to sky diving
but I wonder if I'll ever apply any of them for real.
The new technology saves me so much of time
but I find 24 hours a little too short
for my surfing, gaming, blogging and downloading.
The washing machine does my laundry,
the refrigerator stores all my junk,
the microwave cooks my meals
and I'm all set to change the world.
My banking's on the internet
I pay my bills the same way too,
Since I work from home all by myself
I sometimes ask, 'Is this all and nothing else?'
A life of leisure surely this must be
but my body's crying out to set it free
I even found love over the seas and across the shore,
but we're too afraid to meet in case the other one's a bore.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

Making yourself look busy
won't justify anything.
The only person you'll fool
is yourself.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

When you don't love yourself 
you will destroy everything in your path, 
include what you are, 
who you are 
and why you are.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quote of the Day

is when you're holding a weapon 
behind your back
until you lose your patience

Friday, January 27, 2012

Let me Dream Alone

Let me dream alone,
let me sit at my corner
and dwell on my life
and let me dream alone.
Let me imagine the worst,
let me imagine the best,
give me some nightmares,
just let me dream alone.
Let me be by myself
to escape into my world.
Let me flutter my eyes
and let me dream alone.
Don't ask me too many questions,
don't take me with you,
let me,
just let me dream alone.

Quote of the Day

However you treat your kids
you can be rest assured
they will treat you the same
once the truth is out

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Journey of the Heart

The journey of the heart is a long and lonely walk
through mountains of trials and oceans of tears.
You will meet some wonderful joys and heartbreaking sadness
You may think it's hard but you get by with a little kindness.
With barren landscapes of hate and expansive fields of love
To the darkness of hopelessness to the bright light of a promise,
Treading through fears of tomorrow and running from the angers of yesterday
How far will you go when your present is an intentional delay?
Your feet ache with anguish and your back is strained with affliction,
They are things you leave behind when you head towards your destination.
Though sorrows are as abundant as grass, the winds of bliss will carry you away
Every step is an adventure even if you burn your soles on the blistering clay.
Rains of desire may arrive, storms of tragedy may follow.
A family of sunshine may come, dark clouds may be all you know.
Sometimes an umbrella of friendship unexpectedly open,
But the journey of the heart is a walk you will have to take alone.

Quote of the Day

Everyone knows that death is inevitable
and yet many of us ignore it
in hope that it will not come

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote of the Day

When death comes for you,
just die,
no one will hold it against you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Learned Today: Strange Sounds in the Sky

Do you hear what I hear? Or is it as fake as a flying plate?
Unidentified Audible Objects?
Electromagnetic Weapon?
Earth groaning?
Space craft?
The sounds of trumpets?
The Active Denial System?
Sasquatch's howl?
Governments drilling underground bomb shelters?
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) research project on ionosphere?

Friday, January 20, 2012

The SOPA & PIPA show

What I Learned Today: The Day the LOLCats Died

hehe :P

Quote of the Day

If you know you've done wrong,
and are able to admit it
and accept it with grace
then only will you be able to 
trust yourself,
move on
and make better decisions.

Lyric Spoofing: Sung to the tune of Dancing Queen

Gambling Queen

A game of chance, shoot some craps, gambling's the breath of my life
With some luck, I could plug or go home and feed the ducks

Friday night when my cash is low
Looking out for a casino
Where the stake is all or nothing, where I sink or swim
I could do with an ace or king
Everything I wish to buy
I'm losing fast, I can only sigh
With bourboun on the rocks and a handful of dimes
I'm good for some freelance
Come get into my pants

I am the gambling queen, dumb with greed, truly ripe for sin
Gambling Queen, betting brings me-closer to my dreams, oh yeah
I can call, I can fold, getting my ass kicked is all
Royal flush, skin the hand, streakin' my gambling thing

I'm no quitter I can go on
I ain't lucky but I'm holding on
Trying to stake another, down and out, not blue
I can be so good for you
I'll do it for the chips

I am the gambling queen, poor in means, rich as hell in dreams
Gambling Queen, slot machine, gimme some more change, oh yeah
I can call, I can fold, getting my ass kicked is all
Feel the rush, see me flush, whippin' my gambling touch!

Streakin' my gambling thing

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Learned Today: Bale Out by RevoLucian

What don't you fucking understand?

Bale Out

Do you want me to go fucking trash your lights?
Do you want me to fucking trash em?

Fuck, what the fuck is it with you?
I was looking at the light

It's fucking distracting
Oh, good

No! No! Fuck! (x8)

What dont you fucking understand?
I'm gonna fucking kick your fucking ass

Think for one fucking second
Shutup shut the fuck up

What dont you fucking understand?
I'm gonna fucking kick your fucking ass

Give me a fucking answer

Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up
Shutup if you cant take a joke
You are trashing my scene
Shut the fuck up would you, shut the fuck up
Shutup if you cant take a joke
I aint walking on this set if you're still on it
Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up
Shutup if you cant take a joke
I'm fucking serious
Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up
Shutup if you cant take a joke
You are trashing my scene

What dont you fucking understand? (x4)

What dont you fucking understand?
I'm gonna fucking kick your fucking ass
(No! No! Fuck!)

Seriously man you and me are fucking done professionally
Fucking ass