Friday, January 13, 2012

Cycling through the Paths of Life

I haven't been cycling for a long time although I love doing it. But since I uprooted from the city and came back to my hometown I started cycling again and I saw so many sights I would have never seen if I was in a car.

Living near the Lake Gardens I already have a wonderful and mesmerizing view of nature. Today I saw a flock of  swifts in their morning feeding frenzy, swooping down and breaking into the surface of the water to catch they meal. I think they could be pondskaters.

And while cycling through a small path of enchanted looking canopy of trees and greenery a squirell fell from the top, probably after a fight, and dash back up again when it noticed me watching.

A few days back I saw a man holding a baby civet cat by the tail, I think it was, from a distance and educating a group of senior citizens about it. After a short while he released it on a tree and it made its way to freedom while mewing like a small kitty.

And then there was this excitement I saw when I passed a group of people looking at something on the ground. I took a look and saw what must have been a heavily pregnant goat. I think it was having some complications with birth or it was sickly because it couldn't stand on its own. They people seem to be trying to solve the problem but I didn't stay to observe lest it was something unpleasant.

An elderly cyclist resting at the side waved to me to acknowledge this wonderful invention and I smiled back.

Climbing up the hilly slopes where I live is really an effort but wheeling down it is the best feeling one could ever have. I just love the breeze rushing at me and what an uplifting to do first thing in the morning.

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