Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Journey of the Heart

The journey of the heart is a long and lonely walk
through mountains of trials and oceans of tears.
You will meet some wonderful joys and heartbreaking sadness
You may think it's hard but you get by with a little kindness.
With barren landscapes of hate and expansive fields of love
To the darkness of hopelessness to the bright light of a promise,
Treading through fears of tomorrow and running from the angers of yesterday
How far will you go when your present is an intentional delay?
Your feet ache with anguish and your back is strained with affliction,
They are things you leave behind when you head towards your destination.
Though sorrows are as abundant as grass, the winds of bliss will carry you away
Every step is an adventure even if you burn your soles on the blistering clay.
Rains of desire may arrive, storms of tragedy may follow.
A family of sunshine may come, dark clouds may be all you know.
Sometimes an umbrella of friendship unexpectedly open,
But the journey of the heart is a walk you will have to take alone.

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