Friday, January 20, 2012

Lyric Spoofing: Sung to the tune of Dancing Queen

Gambling Queen

A game of chance, shoot some craps, gambling's the breath of my life
With some luck, I could plug or go home and feed the ducks

Friday night when my cash is low
Looking out for a casino
Where the stake is all or nothing, where I sink or swim
I could do with an ace or king
Everything I wish to buy
I'm losing fast, I can only sigh
With bourboun on the rocks and a handful of dimes
I'm good for some freelance
Come get into my pants

I am the gambling queen, dumb with greed, truly ripe for sin
Gambling Queen, betting brings me-closer to my dreams, oh yeah
I can call, I can fold, getting my ass kicked is all
Royal flush, skin the hand, streakin' my gambling thing

I'm no quitter I can go on
I ain't lucky but I'm holding on
Trying to stake another, down and out, not blue
I can be so good for you
I'll do it for the chips

I am the gambling queen, poor in means, rich as hell in dreams
Gambling Queen, slot machine, gimme some more change, oh yeah
I can call, I can fold, getting my ass kicked is all
Feel the rush, see me flush, whippin' my gambling touch!

Streakin' my gambling thing

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