Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Irony of the New Technology

I have phone numbers everywhere,
on my iPhone, smartphone, iPad, internet
but I can't remember a single one for the life of me.
I have many friends whom I have never met
in forums, chat rooms, Facebook and twitter
but I don't seem to have time to meet anyone in person.
I can sync with almost everything
from the TV programs, my laptop and accessories
but I am just as disorganized outside virtual reality.
Everything can be so quick within my grasp
my fingers do all the walking and talking and sharing
but my response to everything else is slower than my thinking.
I can travel anywhere, learn anything and retrieve whatever
but I sit on my ass the whole day in a dark room
and all I get are dry eyes, back ache and unusual pains.
I learn so much from the internet
from cooking to surviving to sky diving
but I wonder if I'll ever apply any of them for real.
The new technology saves me so much of time
but I find 24 hours a little too short
for my surfing, gaming, blogging and downloading.
The washing machine does my laundry,
the refrigerator stores all my junk,
the microwave cooks my meals
and I'm all set to change the world.
My banking's on the internet
I pay my bills the same way too,
Since I work from home all by myself
I sometimes ask, 'Is this all and nothing else?'
A life of leisure surely this must be
but my body's crying out to set it free
I even found love over the seas and across the shore,
but we're too afraid to meet in case the other one's a bore.

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