Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Time to Say Sorry

It's time to say sorry
to an LGBT person you have
embarrassed, tortured or hurt
for they have done nothing
to deserve your ignorance.

It's time to say sorry
to the animals you treated like toys,
that you hit or slapped or kicked
just because they don't retaliate
to the commands you cruelly instigate.

It's time to say sorry
to the people you gossiped about
with vicious lies and rumors and slanders
and destroyed their reputation
merely for your own selfish satisfaction.

It's time to say sorry
to the person who cared for you
but always getting the brunt
of your anger and frustration
that shouldn't have been their concern.

It's time to say sorry
to the strangers you brush off
because they are beneath you.
The ones you forget are just as equal,
the ones you refuse to stand on the same level.

It's time to say sorry
to the people you have ostracized
because they are of no worth to you,
your culture, your tradition and your faith
and for that you made them grief.

But if you refuse to say sorry
and think that are right by your own principles and values
and you will be rewarded for your righteousness
as long as you live in your guarded cowardliness
beware of your own cannibalistic darkness.

Saying sorry comes from the heart anyway
not a word that falls out of fear or insincereity,
especially when you feel good about yourself
and when you have transcended beyond humanity.
I guess that's the person not everyone can be.

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