Sunday, February 19, 2012

A letter from your spirit

I want the best for you.
I want to see you through life
and be everything that you've ever wanted.
I want to be your path, your candle, your friend
who can show you the way
while keeping you company.
I want you to experience
the bitterness and sweetness
that will break you and make you
and I want to be there
to let you know
that it's okay.
That in the end
nothing really matters
but your own personal journey.
I want you to know that fighting
for truth is better than
fighting for no reason at all.
I want you to appreciate
the stars in the night,
the clouds in the day,
and feel the breeze in your hair,
raindrops on your skin
and sunshine in your eyes.
I want you to listen
to the sounds of nature
and know that this is the kind of comfort
and peace you'll need
in times of trouble,
in times of restlessness,
in times of duress.
But then,
these are what I want for you.
But if you choose not to want them
I can only wait
and hope
that one day you'll hear
my voice.
That little voice that tells you
I am here,
I will always be here for you,
for I am the spirit
that will shelter you
from the storm,
carry you through pains and agonies,
and lift you from lies and deceits.
I am the spirit
in you that can make anything possible
and make dreams come true
if you would just believe in me.
If you would just
feel me.
If you would just close your eyes
and see me for who
I really am.

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