Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank You

Sometimes we thank people only once
on an occasion, in a situation,
in an event or during an inspiring gathering.
But when you think back about the effect it had on you
you will know that once is never enough.
When you have tasted the bitterness and the sweet,
the downward turn and the upswing lift,
you will understand that
a small act of kindness
can lead to quite unexpected greatness.
Be it a word,
a hug,
a shoulder,
a silent company,
a smile,
a handshake,
a whisper,
or an insignificant sharing,
it would have done something to you and for you.
It might have given you hope,
it might have given you joy,
it might have given you peace,
it might have given you comfort,
it might have given you enlightenment,
it might have given you love
or everything of the above.
To all these persons
I thank you for that moment.
I am here because of many reasons
and one of them is you.

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