Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fist of Dragon

Yesterday I sat in the cinema at Taiping Sentral all by myself for the 2.15pm show. There were only 7 others who came to watch this movie. Without much expectation I waited shortly and saw another movie trailer Dance Dance Dragon which seemed hilarious. 

And soon the main feature began but I had no one to make a hullabaloo with so I behaved myself. I was more eager to see my name appearing than I was for the show. And when it finally came on I was relieved and only then did I concentrate on watching. For most part I felt pretty tensed throughout the movie. It was definitely a dick flick for kung fu lovers. 

Although there were disjointed continuities and flaccid storylines here and there it was enjoyable nevertheless. I would have liked a better wrap up in the end after a gruelling and nerve wrecking fighting finale but making up for that I got to see my name appear again the second time and it was pure bliss. 


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