Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is like a badly written script

Sometimes you may feel that your life
is like a badly written script.
The characters are wooden,
the plot is weak
and the dialogue is lame.
Everything just seems so wrong
right from the very start of Act 1.
There is no hook to keep you wanting more,
no inciting incident to make it go where it's suppose to go
and no continuity to make it flow.
You know for a fact that you cannot sustain Act 2
because it sags like a tabby with 9 unborn litters.
There is no concrete elements,
no character development
and no moments to hoold it together.
And to talk about Act 3 is a waste of time
since you couldn't even handle the first two.
There is no climax to your story
and the conclusion leaves you with nothing more to desire.
No one wants to make a movie out of your script
because it is boring, it has no commercial value
and it sinks faster than the Titanic, the Poseidon
and the Lusitania tied together.
But then you realize a good script needs to be rewritten
over and over again, draft after draft
to tighten the plot, to give your characters life
and to make them speak from the heart.
And to do this you'll have to sit down and think,
use a bit of your imagination,
fire up your creativity,
envision the entire story from the beginning
and focus on how you want it to end.
You have to fill in the emptiness with adventures,
with inspiring persistence through tragedies
and lock down action sequences with romantic ones.
But most of all you have to answer
all the questions that had been asked.
And then there is the catharsis, the closure, the ending
that would have to make sense
and not just a hit and run finish.
If you need to rewrite it a hundred times to make it better
then you would have to do it a hundred times.
To take short cuts and cheat yourself
by imitating others,
copying someone else's style,
or fool your audience
will bring nothing but total disaster.
And your script will be as good as
something dumped in the slush pile.
But if you believe in what you write
just as you believe that it is going to be good
you may yet have a hit in your hands.
Life could be a badly written script
when you start out with the outline and the treatment,
but you could also rewrite it
to suit the genre you prefer
and you could also conclude it
the way you picture it your heart.

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