Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The 'Basically I'm a Nice Person' Syndrome

Basically I'm a nice person
until I open up my big fat mouth
and start judging others who are not like me.
Or when I justify all the bad things that I've done
and pretty much blame them on other people.
Of course there are times I gossip
with slanderous and seditious talk
but then again it's just talk.
Or the times when I kvetch, gripe and whine
about the weather, about not having enough of money,
about my family and friends,
about everything under the sky
but it doesn't mean that I'm not a nice person.
I do make a fool of myself
saying things I don't mean
but it's just one of those thing
that I do without thinking
because I don't want to think too much.
But I think animals are beneath us
and people are crazy to treat them as though
they are our equals.
Who cares if they die or go extinct right?
Oh, and I also feel nature has to make way for development.
Hey, you want a nice car,
a nice home to go with it,
technological gadgets for convenience,
lots of accessories
and vacations don't you?
That's what factories are for.
I know some people suffer more than others
but that's life, that's how it is, that's the way it goes.
You can't change destiny,
people are fated with their own sorrows
so all I can do is pity them.
I know I inherited
all the wealth, all the luxuries, all the greatness
from my ancestors,
but you can't blame me for my good fortune, right?
The gods just love me more in that way
but I don't like to brag about it.
I'm actually very humble.
I'm also very generous when I give
money away to poor people
that I take from rich people.
But like I say,
I'm basically a very nice person
I don't think I've ever done any bad things,
just a few slips here and there is all.
If you happen to meet me
I'm very sure you'll like me
because I know I'll like you.
I heart you.
Vote for me won't you?
Long live me.

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