Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sabrina Yeap: Mother Teresa Of The Animals

I can’t believe there is a heaven without dogs or pets. Founder of animal sanctuary Furry Friends Farm (FFF) passed on yesterday at the Sungai Buloh Hospital of Leukemia. Initiated the Dr Dog animal-assisted therapy programme in Malaysia, which was formulated by internationally-renowned animal activist and founder of Animals Asia Foundation Jill Robinson.

Friday, July 6, 2012

What Will Happen on December 21st 2012 and How to Prepare for it by Simona Rich

The future that we will experience is just one of a million possibilities. And I strongly believe that you can subscribe to many collective realities, realities that are good or evil.
So here are some of the strong future collective realities that you might manifest during this date, December 21st, 2012. Your energy and your belief will determine which one you will find yourself in.
It’s told by some that on December 21st 2012 there would be a split in the world: positive people would be separated from the negative ones. This means that positive people would easily manifest more positive things and would live in a positive world, whilst negative people would be stuck in their negative vibrations and thus in the negative world throughout their lives.
I actually feel this is happening right at this moment in my life, for about a year now, so I’m living in this chosen reality. Although I see negativity, it doesn’t have an effect on my reality, although I can choose to react to it. As though I am shielded from the outside evils and live in a better world – that’s the best way I can explain it. Yes, these days I expel negativities left in me, but I feel it’s part of the cleansing process and not returning to the negative vibe.
Also, about this positive-negative split. Have you noticed that evil people are becoming more evil and good people are becoming better? Wouldn’t that indicate the occurring split? It seems that spiritually aware people live in a totally different world than unaware ones. I know a lot of people who would agree with this statement and that means they share the same collective reality as I do, the reality of the minority.
The scary thing is, is that negative people won’t be able to ascend to the better world after this date, they would be stuck in a negative vibe all their lives. Maybe that’s why the media tries to keep as many people as possible concerned about things that don’t matter and stuck in their lower chakras through the constant promotion of sex, material wealth and egotism.
Because of this positive-negative split we get two very different prediction types about December 21st. Some people predict doom and gloom and warn people to buy food supplies and clean water and hide underground. Others predict ascension to the higher dimension and contact with high vibration beings.
Mayan calendar indicates the end of the cycle and the beginning of something new. According to them we are transitioning into the fifth sun, where materialism will decline and spirituality arise. Mayans also predict that during this date the fifth element, that of ether, will be felt more. Isn’t that the God’s particle that talks are arising about?
The first time in 26,000 years the sun will align with the milky way galaxy exactly at 11:11 am on December 21st, 2012, as some sources suggest.
During this alignment with the center of galaxy the earth would receive much more cosmic energy or God’s particles, in other words, and that could mean a number of things: it could mean that people with too much toxicity in their bodies won’t survive. It may indicate DNA upgrade which I strongly believe in because of the 11:11 and 22 master numbers people are seeing. It could mean ascending to the fourth dimension and increased manifesting and psychic abilities.
This planetary change may also cause earthquakes, new mountain formations as well as floods.
Some claim that the dark forces try to block this upgrade to the fourth dimension by keeping us distracted with things that don’t matter, like computer games, mobile phones and TVs. My personal opinion is that inventions requiring towers such as mobile networks and the receivers themselves are really messing up our energy fields, making us inaccessible to higher vibrations.
Have you noticed that some official sources started to spread the news that nothing will happen in 2012? Usually what they say is opposite to that which it true.
Now let’s leave theories and focus on what people are feeling now.
As I have mentioned in one of my facebook updates a lot of people ascending currently experience cleansing. This comes in the form of the dark night of the soul as well as sudden negativity outbursts. People are cleansing themselves from their remaining negativities accumulated in this and past lifetimes so that they would be fully open to the new energy influx.
Many, including myself, strongly feel that the time is quickening and that they age slower. Did you notice that too? I even dare to claim that nobody in my family or friends aged even a bit during these few years. That may also indicate that our DNA is being upgraded at this very moment and this work will be complete on 21st of December 2012.
Also, the quickening of time may indicate that our lifespans are increasing. It is said that for gods years go like days and they live what it seams forever to mortals. Are we getting closer to these non physical beings?
More and more people can’t sleep at night with existential questions. Questions about God, their life and the purpose of humanity can’t seem to leave them anymore. Some people feel as though they have a time limit to figure it out. They feel the clock ticking and some feel frustrated as though there is a shield preventing them from answering these questions. This, again, is the dark night of the soul – this too shall pass.
I’m experiencing the dark night of the soul too and when I tried to view anything about this significant date with my third eye I started seeing light brownish figures and then a black screen appeared out of nowhere and prevented me from seeing anything more.
When you add the numbers of this significant date together, December 21st, 2012, you get a master number 11. Also, the age we are coming into, the age of the Aquarius, is also the 11th sign of the zodiac. Isn’t that interesting that many people keep seeing this master number everywhere?
The combination of 11:11 brings us to the number 22, another master number signifying sainthood and ascension. There are less people, including myself, who keep seeing this master number. I think the time we started seeing these two master numbers, was the time our ascension and DNA upgrade started.
What I also noticed is that a lot of spiritual people are moving away from commercial cities into countrysides. I talked to many of the people choosing to live in the Asian undeveloped countries, and what they say is identical, and I sound exactly the same. They say that they are tired of the stressful fear-based egoistic purposeless lives that people lead in the west and that the nature in undeveloped countries revives and recharges them. They feel strong attraction to places such as India, and once there, they feel as though this is their mother country and not the commercial countries they were born in.
Enough said about what might happen during this time. Let’s take a look at how we can prepare for this date.
My top advice is this: before and during this date closely watch the behaviour of wild animals. Wild animals are very much in tune with their intuition and they start sensing coming danger much more in advance than humans do, especially when it comes to weather changes and natural disasters. Have you heard of stories that before floods all birds and wild mammals leave the place? So I will be closely monitoring the behaviour of wild animals and go where they are heading to.
By the way, my Indian visa is expiring 11 days before this significant date, how interesting. So I won’t be in India and I feel a pull to go to China, so I will probably be there, if I manage to get a visa. I will keep updating you about my surroundings.
Stay away from the oceans especially, also seas and large rivers. I think the safest places are the ones that have no mountains, oceans, seas or rivers, somewhere in the center of the continent.
Edgar Cayce, the called sleeping prophet, predicted that in America you should stay away from New York City and the West coast, and that safe places in the US will be Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Central and some Eastern states. He also predicted that Japan will be submerged in water.
I would personally abandon highly developed countries as they are going against the nature of this universe. I would stay in areas where people live in harmony with nature, in areas abundant in wildlife and beautiful nature as well as where high vibes are felt.
Also, google “tectonic plates” and be away from their intersections.
Now to aid your ascension, here are the things you can do.
Try to connect with earth’s energy. Thank her for keeping you alive, bless it. Cleanse it with meditation and healing sounds.
Eat very pure food, I would strongly advice to grow your own food even if you have limited land or if you have no land, then grow your food in vessels filled with land. Pure food will purify and strengthen your body for ascension. Bless your food before eating.
Keep yourself fit – if the earth is going to significantly raise its vibration, the sick may not make it.
By all means avoid smoking and drinking – this is common sense but not for some.
Stay away from high tech stuff, be surrounded with natural things. Get orgonites, natural stones, gold and silver to help you with ascension. Orgonites transform negative energy into positive energy, raise vibration and cleanse toxic air. You can get them from Amazon.
Keep raising your vibration by all means possible – listen to healing sounds, stay with spiritual people, read spiritual books, meditate for peace and love. During this date meditate to connect to this higher energy and feel how it’s transforming you for the better. Don’t meditate if your mood is low.
Meditate in high energy places, even if they were desgned for getting energy for evil purposes. Energy is neither good nor bad, you transform it through your own intentions. So use structures built by negative people for positive purposes. Such structures are some pyramids, stone formations, temples and some contemporary buildings.
When you meditate, don’t call forth any deity – instead focus on charging yourself up with this high cosmic energy to ascend.
In my opinion, if a person fully ascends before this date, he won’t experience any tribulations or physical sensations. He would be intuitively guided to the right place during this date. Those who are not fully ascended, may feel pains or get stuck in areas that would experience minor or major catastrophes. That’s why it’s extremely important to work on yourself from this very date for your ascension/DNA upgrade to fully take place.
That’s all the advice I’m going to give you in this video. Use it at your own risk and only if it resonates with you.

A Belardius

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulos

I read this book a long long time ago in the 70s. I can't believe it is still available and they're in the making of an animation. They are still in the midst of of collecting funds to make it happen - do help if you can.

Some books just won't let you go even if you have only seen or read once, and this is the book for me.