Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Dream in 3 Parts

Last night I dreamed of three separate accounts at three different times. My first was minutes after I fell into deep sleep. I saw a picture of people running from some kind of catastrophe. I stirred up with fear and worry and told my friend who was beside me. I went back to sleep again and then I dreamed that the world was shaking as though it was hit by a very bad earthquake and I said to myself, "This is it." This time, I was just as afraid and even more so but I tried not to think of it and went back to sleep. Finally, hours before I woke I saw an explosion that mushroomed into the sky. It was very real to me and I woke up exhausted and troubled by the images.

I don't know what it all meant but it was frightening and very very disturbing.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plenty, Happy and None

Have plenty or have none.
That is a question for everyone,
who seek high and low
and wonder how far they can go
with the little that they have,
with the lots they want to stash.

If you have none but you are happy
you would have had the best without plenty.
So, if you are happy with the satisfaction of none.
You might seem peculiar, you might be the only one.
But if you have none and yet you are unhappy,
Oh, how sad it must be to want it so badly.

Because you still long for things that glitter and glitz
You'd do anything to have that plenty that you wish.
Of your wants, of desires that abundance would bring
that none could give while you continue to dream.
When you have plenty you naturally become happy,
Life couldn't be more pleasing, blissful and always sunny.

Then again you might have plenty but you still remain unhappy,
That is to say you have everything and yet none makes you chirpy.
How could it be? Someone with none but unhappy might inquire.
And yet someone who is happy with none understands your hunger.
So what will it be? To have plenty or to have none?
Or to have sufficient and be happy, sated and dumb?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

That Little Sorry State

Once there was a little sorry state
of everything.
Nothing great,
nothing worth remembering.
It just was
and it still is
as sorry as it will ever be.
It began with sort of a
that was thrown in
with the certainty of a
Just do,
it said,
just act,
it spat.
No need for empathy,
no need for sympathy.
Let the mind give in
to things unknown.
Let the heart be led
by the hands of norm.
Let the body reside
in skin and bones.
Let us all tarry
around things unborn.
Don't try too hard,
it will never work.
Don't see the light
from your eyes of fear.
Don't ask too much
from the misled folk.
Don't be sorry
when things begin to clear.
Keep yourself from the sorry and sorrows
of today, yesterday and tomorrow.
That little state need not dictate
the life you choose to love and make.
But as you wander in the streets
beyond doubts of disrepair.
You must wonder in your feats
to sometimes ask, "'What else is there?"
Oh, nothing much,
nothing that life can't touch.
Just that sorry little state
that we so love to call it our sacred fate.