Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Dream of Rainbows

This is what I dreamt of just before I woke up in the morning.
Not one, not two but a whole lot of rainbows in the sky just in front of my home.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Boy Who Wrote Anyway

A tribute to all the writers, artists, adventurers, dancers, performers, believers and everyone else who did what they loved against all odds.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dialoguing with Existentialism

I wrote this little piece a while back because of the ridiculousness of gender stereotyping and how people actually believe it to be true. So here's stretching it to the limits.

What I Learned Today: Outside Art - Souzou

‘Outsider Art’ has since become an internationally recognised term, commonly used to describe work made by artists who have received little or no tuition but produce work for the sake of creation alone, without an audience in mind, and who are perceived to inhabit the margins of mainstream society.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Old Tyrants Must Go

Old tyrants must go,
Go where? I don't know.
It's time you know
that this is not your show

Old tyrants must go,
To places where you sow
your unrealized sorrow
in the fields or meadow,
you should have gone many moons ago.

Old tyrants must go,
where you want to go
you can't stoop too low
cause your knees will go
just like powdered snow.

Old tyrants must go,
Why do you still crow
like a caged bird in woe?
You're not Edgar Allan Poe
Your stories really blow.

Old tyrants must go,
We don't like your dog and pony show
that makes you look like a yo-yo
in that one man circus show
we already know you're no better than a ho.

Old tyrants must go,
Heaven or hell, you should know,
cause you spent your life with the flow
heading for that plateau
a long long time ago.

Old tyrants must go,
Say goodbye, greet hello
not to Dolly but to so and so
who might nurse your status quo
better the devil you know.

Old tyrants must go,
Here today, gone tomorrow
easy come, easy go,
So just hoe your own row
and let the people go.

Old tyrants must go,
you can't get your ducks in a row
and you can't steal the show,
take a bow, just lay low
you're not that gung ho anymore.

Old tyrants must go,
to the great trees where seedlings grow,
you can drink your Bordeaux
you can watch Curly, Larry and Moe.
No need to fear your own shadow.

Old tyrants must go,
be free for once, no need to row
like the madman going to and fro.
those old ideas you need to forgo,
before they throw you out with a UFO.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

how can we?

how can we come to an age of understanding
and yet we understand so little?

how can we already reached the stars
and yet we cannot reach one another?

how can we preach so much about love
and yet we find it hard to love ourselves?

how can we observe the brilliance of mother nature
and yet we deny her from flourishing with us?

how can we feel the hunger for all kinds of needs
and yet we feel nothing for a man who hasn't eaten for a while?

how can we party like there's no tomorrow
and yet we live like we as though we'll grow older than the universe?

how can we celebrate a union between two persons
and yet ignore those we need to be reunited with most?

how can we talk about things that set us free
and yet we go back to the same old routines that hold us back?

how can we claim victory for successes and conquests
and yet we cannot even overcome our own demons?

how can we go on living like masters of the world
and yet we know that we are nothing but slaves to our illusions?

Story of Us

Today I posted my story on Avaaz. You can read it at the link below if you like.

We are all connected by strings of similarity, ropes of integrity, vines of vulnerability and cords of sincerity.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

You have no idea

You have no idea how great you are.

The little that you do is amazing
enough to put a smile on someone's face.

The kindness that you show
brings back hope to the one receiving it.

That sincere thank you you say
goes a long way to calm an agitated mind.

The simple poem or prose in your blog
lightens the load of a stranger passing by.

That senseless rant you leave behind
makes sense to someone else who thinks just like you.

A good word that you speak with unconditional love
tugs the heartstrings of a hardened soul.

The like that you checked
is an affirmation that someone actually cares.

The petition you signed
saved someone from an injustice from being done.

Your openness to receive and accept
makes life a lot easier for someone who is about to give in.

You may not light up like the sun
but the glow in you guides another out of darkness.

You may not be famous or an award winning individual
but you are to the person whom you inspire and motivate.

You may not think very much of the things you do
but the sheer simplicity of it measures more than you will ever know.

You have no idea how great you are do you?

Well, you do now.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It is easier

It is easier to see beauty in the eye of the hurricane
than to see it in the eye of an insincere man.

It is easier to see beauty in the heart of a volcanic eruption
than to see it in the heart of an arrogant man.

It is easier to see beauty in the destruction of a tsunami
than to see it in the destruction of greedy man.

It is easier to feel beauty in the warmth of the scorching sun
than to feel it in the presence of an angry man.

It is easier to freeze in the beauty of a cold winter
than to freeze in the grasp of a cold hearted man.

It is easier to hear the beauty of the sound of wilderness
than to hear it from the voice of a shallow man.

It is easier to embrace the brilliance of a blazing fire
than to be in the embrace of a sexually perverse man.

It is easier to hear the beauty of a dog’s howling
than to hear it in the sermon of an ignorant man.

It is easier to feel the love of a merciless storm
than to feel it in all the competing religions created by man.

It is easier to understand why a prey needs to kill to survive
than to understand the justified killings of a man.

It is easier to open ourselves to the magnificence of the universe
than to open ourselves to someone who claims magnificence because he is man.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monsters, Beasts & Creatures

I like monsters ever since I could remember. Maybe it was because I grew up with the Ultraman TV series, or maybe because of Harryhausen's Sinbad trilogy or The Thief of Baghdad, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, The Blob, The Thing or all the monsters from the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s.

At some point in life it was inevitable that I had to sketch a monster book of my own. These are just a few of my collections done with a charcoal pencil on various sketch books.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Man who was so Full of it

I'm sure you must have had the experience of meeting someone like that. This one's dedicated to them since they inspired me to write this.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When my Pocket was Empty

When my pocket was full
I demanded the food to come to me fast
When my pocket was empty
I could not thank the person serving me enough

When my pocket was full
I went shopping every week to fill up the closet
When my pocket was empty
I took the hand me downs and learned to appreciate

When my pocket was full
I stuffed everything I could eat by myself
When my pocket was empty
I had less and learned what’s good for my health

When my pocket was full
My friends and I hung out restlessly
When my pocket was empty
I treasured my moments decisively

When my pocket was full
Life was a party that could never end
When my pocket was empty
Only those left behind were my friends

When my pocket was full
I couldn’t get enough of the world’s adventure
When my pocket was empty
I took a journey within in awe and in wonder

When my pocket was full
I could only see the glamor and the glitter
When my pocket was empty
My eyes were opened to Mother Nature

When my pocket was full
I had no idea what the world was worth
When my pocket was empty
I saw what I had done to mother earth

When my pocket was full
I could only hear the shuffling of dollars and clinking of dimes
When my pocket was empty
It was so quiet I could hear myself for the very first time

What I Learned Today: Awesome story telling

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Train that could not leave the Station

And all this because of a thunderstorm. I had to switch off the laptop due to the heavy thunderstorm one day so I pulled out the art block and started scribbling and doodling. The first title that came to mind was The Man who could say no more, and then I was on the roll. More and more titles popped up and now I am on the forth micro fiction which I never in my life thought of writing. Although I've written flash fictions between 800 to 1000 odd words before micro fiction is a blast. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

ICG: In Good Company

Look what I found. I did this somewhere between 2002 to 2005. That's as far as I can remember. I was young and  ambitious then and I was so sure that I wanted to start my own magazine. Something that I could take with me wherever I go, kind of like a chicken soup-reader's digest- DIY-feel good-spiritual magazine. And this was the product. I called the magazine, In Good Company.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Politician who knew too Little

Here I am trying to complete a novella with haste and there I am getting fired up to do this micro fictions. With all the idiotic and despicable politics going around worldwide sometimes I wonder what politicians actually know. This is the one about the politician who knew too little.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Man who could say No More

At this time and age most of us don't have the luxury to stay put and read anything longer than a quotation. It's not because we can't afford the time but because we're distracted by the speed at which technology travels. So here's a micro fiction for the mercurial netizens and I mean micro with a capital M.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Promise Myself

i promise myself this day
will be adventurous
although i have no limbs

i promise myself this day
will be wondrous
although i have no nose

i promise myself this day
will be joyous
although i have no ears

i promise myself this day
will be stupendous
although i have no eyes

i promise myself this day
will be tremendous
although i have no mouth

i promise myself this day
will be marvelous
although I have no wealth

i promise myself this day
will be fabulous
although I have no beauty

i promise myself this day
will be miraculous
although I have no perfection

I promise myself this day
will be momentous
because I define my own existence

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Woman's Day is Everyday

You are a woman of wonder,
You are a woman of pain,
You are a woman who gathers
All the hearts of shame.

You are a woman of splendor,
You are a woman of blame,
You are a woman who suffers
Every breath you take is slain.

You are a woman plundered,
You are a woman strained.
You are a woman shattered,
But still, you never wane.

I celebrate you mother,
I walk with you in rain,
I celebrate you sister,
It's time to bring back claim.

What I Learned Today: Happy Women's Day

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quote of the Day: Achievement

If you are in the position to help someone
and you don’t
you would have passed off
one of your greatest achievements

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ideas are a plentiful

Apartment living is just so strange. Last Sunday I hear a couple arguing and screaming their lungs out but I don't really know where it was coming from or which floor for that matter. And then just now I heard a mother beating the life out of her son for something he has done, and at the same time someone upstairs is running around, dribbling a ball maybe and shifting furniture and dropping stuff all over the floor.

This is like the basis for a new story, a little like Hitchcock's Rear Window, the only difference is the witness doesn't see anything. Hey, it'd be cool if the protagonist was blind then it'll be like Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. Hmm ... needs some brain wrecking.

Well, whatever the plot, as a dreamer, sounds better than a writer, there must be a story somewhere in there don't you think?

What I Learned Today: The Secret to Living Well

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If You Live

If you live
how they want you to
you will be angry at everything
that don't go your way.
You will hate yourself
when you see the reflection
on the mirror
but you don't know why.
You will go ahead and do things
that you don't enjoy
and make a mess of your life.
You think you are happy
because you are successful
in their eyes
but you know
deep inside you're not
when you cry alone.
You might even go so far
as to repeat the mistakes
they have made
and justify them
with your ignorance.
But there will be days and nights
when you awaken to the sound
of sincerity and truth
and they won't go away
no matter how much you try
to shake them off.
You will choose all the paths
that go against your believe.
You will connect with people
who share similar problems.
If you don't go down to their level
you may find yourself in the darkness
that feeds on your aspirations.
Your dreams die slowly.
You don't want to go on trying.
You give up.
You know it can only get worse
when you see all those around you
wallow in their own pools of disgust.
You thought listening to others
was how life should be.
Just when you are about to call it in
you see some strange loners
creating their own paths.
Those who have been branded
and targeted for damnation
just because they don't follow
what the others tell them to.
You agree with the others
but you feel that little spark in you
that wants to taste it for yourself.
To do what you've always known
to be your secret destiny.
You wonder for a moment
how it could be
if only
you had the courage
to take the first step
away from everyone else.
Now, you are at a crossroad
deciding if you want to be
who you've always been
or who
they've always wanted you to be.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Queen of TMI

The first time I saw the abbreviation I was dumbfounded. What the hell was TMI? It was written all over my manuscript in red and I knew it was not good. So, I googled it and found that TMI stood for 'too much information'.  I didn't bother to think any more about it other than I knew my manuscript was in good hands.

It was later when other editors, directors and actors told me about the TMI syndrome that I seemed to be infected with made me realize I must really be the Queen of TMI. I know I shouldn't do it. I know how I disliked it in books, articles, movies and plays and yet I still do it. 

What in the name of TMI am I doing?

I recently wrote a play with TMI sticking out like an offensive finger and got shot down like an enemy plane. Though the comments were laden with heavy artillery they shook me out of the EGO tower and slapped me a few times before I woke up from my concussion of errors.

What the hell! After reading the play a few more times and listening to another reading I would have shot myself in the face if the play had been staged.

By nature I am a very quiet person, that's what I'd like to believe, but when it comes to writing I flood my tales with excessive descriptions and unnecessary dialogues, kind of like B-grading them to some extent. I keep forgetting to show and tell all instead and water down all the mystery and magic.

If you've ever been in this situation, remember TMI is not a good sign and being a queen about it ain't gonna get you crowned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Medusa for the Year of the Snake 2013

I was finishing off the last few snakes when the sun crept in through the window. I thought it made the Gorgon look more terrifying.

And this is the finished Medusa, or maybe still need a little touch up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cthulhu Jack

The answer of pain
is bound to the closest vein
that which forgives none

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Year of the Snake 2013

I'm not a fan of festivities 
but I like snakes. 
This is an unfinished piece 
of a Gorgon for the
year of the snake.

Dreaming of Cherry Blossoms 2013

The blossoming of
colors spring into your heart
and bring you sweetness

Did you say you wanted a pet?

First of all find out how long is their average lifespan?
Think about how you will be able to accommodate them in your life.
Whether you can bring this pet along with you wherever you go or even if you leave the country.
You know this pet will be closely attached to you once you keep it.
If you feed it, shelter it, play with it and love it some kind of bond develops.
Leaving them behind after months or years of care is not an option.
If you still decide to get one, go adopt one.
The moment you buy one you encourage someone else to smuggle them, breed them or trade them for profit.
These pets will be carted from one country to another, one town to another, one enclosed cage to another until they find a home with a buyer. If not, they sometimes waste away and die a miserable death in their own feces in the same cage they were brought in.
Still, you want one.
Great, go ahead and adopt one or pick one from the street.
It's all fun and games to have pets to keep you company and make you laugh at their silly antics but remember, they grow old too.
Some pets reach 20 human years and some less.
They may fall sick. Loose their teeth. Succumb to diseases. Get bedridden and are unable to carry on basic functions.
Will you still want to clean up their vomit and poop everyday?
Will you still want to embrace them even if they begin to smell really bad?
Will you set money aside for their expanses at the vet?
Will you come home and be with them as part of your daily routine?
Even if you go broke, get a divorce, get entangled with upsetting emotional and psychological politics you will still have to care for your pets as though they are your children.
In fact, they are your children. Just not human ones.
You may think you're doing the animals a favor when you rescue them.
But is your decision based on compassion or a noble thought that you are doing something great?
After weighing all these responsibilities and you still feel that you can go ahead and love them anyway, then go spread your love.
Ultimately, it's not about you, it's about them.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


If you can...
don't buy them,
don't keep them,
don't take them,
don't trade them,
don't harm them,
don't abuse them,
don't make them,
don't break them,
don't waste them,
don't leave them,
don't throw them,
don't tie them,
don't deny them,
don't scare them,
don't hurt them,
don't rob therm,
set them free
and let yourself go.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You're nothing but an Onomatopoeic

waking up stupid
waking up with a duh
and an ehh

bring it on dummy
bring it like an uhh
and a meh

ain't gonna get any better
ain't gonna get any supper
with all the bah

the heart won't stop
the heart won't listen
even if you blah

run along you moron
run along in slow motion
and trip on a boo hoo

lost in a locked room
lost in a grid system
and all you know is goo goo

if time doesn't exist
if time is in a bottle
that you drank and burp

there goes the neighborhood
there goes the tumbling down
to your careless slurp

down the rabbit hole
down the hobbit home
excuse yourself and go uh huh

up in the air it shoots
up in the empty room
echoing to the sound of emm hmm

now you sleep an idiot
now you sleep away in silence
yes you, dingbat, psst, psst

what's the point nincompoop
what's the area code lamebrain
yes you, the imbecile, tsk tsk

Cherry Blossoms for the Year of the Snake 2013

stage 2 of acrylic on canvas

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blue visions

The blue is always
in your eyes that wander to
never ending truth

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreams & Imaginings

One of my dreams a while ago. It came back to me when I had a very strange dizzy spell yesterday. Chucking out most of what I had after lunch, especially my precious vegetable juice. From then on the dizzy spell lasted throughout the night until this morning. There was a distant rolling thunder last night and it showered a little but I couldn't help noticing how odd it was to have it going on for hours, if not the whole night. Of course, this led to my wondering if the spaceships have arrived in my hometown.

I was still a little woozy this morning but I managed to continue my daily routine of cycling around the lakes. In fact, I felt better cycling around then when I sat down to have my capati and teh O kurang manis. Since the entire town was enveloped with mist, quite unusually, I cycled around the lakes again the second time.

What struck me most about today is the extreme silence and absence of people. But since it is a public holiday probably everyone disappeared off for a long weekend vacation.

The illustration below was a dream I had. I was some kind of person in charge of getting everyone into pods to prepare them for their stasis. They each were allowed a baggage, which they placed at the feet and cramp into the pods that was a little too small. While overseeing the entire drill I had a very bad feeling that all this was not good at all. I remember there was a huge pillar and the pods were laid at the side of a very wide street. While some have gone into their pods others were still chatting and hanging around with their music and singing just waiting to go in.

Thus, are my dreams and imaginings.