Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreams & Imaginings

One of my dreams a while ago. It came back to me when I had a very strange dizzy spell yesterday. Chucking out most of what I had after lunch, especially my precious vegetable juice. From then on the dizzy spell lasted throughout the night until this morning. There was a distant rolling thunder last night and it showered a little but I couldn't help noticing how odd it was to have it going on for hours, if not the whole night. Of course, this led to my wondering if the spaceships have arrived in my hometown.

I was still a little woozy this morning but I managed to continue my daily routine of cycling around the lakes. In fact, I felt better cycling around then when I sat down to have my capati and teh O kurang manis. Since the entire town was enveloped with mist, quite unusually, I cycled around the lakes again the second time.

What struck me most about today is the extreme silence and absence of people. But since it is a public holiday probably everyone disappeared off for a long weekend vacation.

The illustration below was a dream I had. I was some kind of person in charge of getting everyone into pods to prepare them for their stasis. They each were allowed a baggage, which they placed at the feet and cramp into the pods that was a little too small. While overseeing the entire drill I had a very bad feeling that all this was not good at all. I remember there was a huge pillar and the pods were laid at the side of a very wide street. While some have gone into their pods others were still chatting and hanging around with their music and singing just waiting to go in.

Thus, are my dreams and imaginings.